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Thursday, February 13, 2003

Business Today

NEELYVILLE -- His appearance reminds you of the all-American cowboy. He's got it all - cowboy hat, belt buckle, blue jeans, cowboy boots, humble demeanor. And for Travis Birdsong, owner of Birdsong Auction in Neelyville, a handshake is all you need.

"If we tell you something, that's the way it's going to be," said Birdsong. "A lot of times it has cost me a lot of money to do things that way, but it's just the way I do things."

However, don't let his country looks fool you.

Birdsong has the only global, interactive auction Web site in this area.

He said that while the Web site is being expanded, people can still find auction calendars and contact information at www.birdsongauction.com.

"We list auction calendars, contact us, e-mail us, and information on our mailing list," Birdsong continued. "There are just a lot of different options and it tells them a little bit about us."

"Things have changed a lot, digital cameras, email and a lot of things we didn't use a few years ago have made things a lot better," explained Birdsong. "We have the option to change a local auction into a global auction depending on the items."

Birdsong Auction has been in business 14 years and spans a wide scope. He auctions items from toys to bulldozers and cranes.

"We list everything from livestock, real estate, equipment, personal property," Birdsong said. "We've sold just about everything.

"For example, in December, we had a small farm/household type auction and the next week we sold a small engine shop. And the following week we sold a large farm and a commercial lot and then the Dairy Queen restaurant in Poplar Bluff."

He is licensed in Missouri and Arkansas and has sold items to buyers in Canada and South and Central America.

Birdsong also auctions real estate, ranging from family homes to multiple acres of land. He recently sold a home in Poplar Bluff and a 160-acre farm near Neelyville. But, Birdsong said that the size of the property doesn't matter. He is currently working to obtain a broker's license so that he can list real estate as well.

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