Letter to the Editor

Depleted uranium does not leave radioactive debris

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

To the editor:

This letter is in response to Ellen Dillon's letter regarding uranium used during Desert Storm.

It is called depleted uranium, meaning that it is composed of harmless uranium, which is very dense, in order to better penetrate enemy armor. It does not leave behind a radioactive battlefield that causes cancer and birth defects in children.

Maybe any birth defects or cancer effects are coming from Saddam Hussein's secret buildup of nuclear weapons and not from the effects of Desert Storm. Maybe his nuclear weapons program is leaking into the water supply and the ground.

The sanctions are in place because of Saddam, not because we don't care about Iraqi children. Chances are good that even if we did get medicine in to Iraq to try and help the people, Saddam would just confiscate it. He is a serious threat not only to the world, but to his own people as well. This is why Saddam must be removed by any means possible.


Kelso, Mo.