News story reports a real-life miracle

Thursday, February 6, 2003

Some might say Joe R. Thompson is lucky to be alive. He says luck had nothing to do with it.

A traffic accident somehow catapulted Thompson, who lives in the Kansas City, Mo., suburb of Blue Springs, from his car and sent him through the air, where he ended up dangling from power lines for almost 20 minutes while he was being rescued.

After saying a prayer, he looked down and saw that his Bible had also been thrown from the car and landed right beneath him. Despite cold and minor injuries, Thompson managed to hold on while he was brought down from his perilous situation.

Thompson is convinced that God saved his life. With such a magnificent story, who are we to doubt him?

With war, recession and catastrophe dominating the headlines, it was nice to be reminded that life-saving miracles still happen.

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