Letter to the Editor

Missouri needs serious attention for budget plan

Wednesday, February 5, 2003

To the editor:

As a resident of the beautiful state of Missouri, I have been deeply concerned by Gov. Bob Holden's risky plan to use $375 million of the tobacco settlement money that will leave an even bigger hole in the budget for fiscal year 2004. As if that isn't enough, he adds insult to injury by threatening our legislators in Jefferson City that he will cut $350 million from the education budget. I've been told that would cost the Cape Girardeau School District about $140,000 for the year, and Southeast Missouri State University would lose about $4.5 million, money that neither can afford to lose. Let us all as residents of Missouri let our leaders know that when we elect a governor we want someone who can show fiscal restraint and realize that the budget is in need of serious restructuring. When we have serious issues like this, we need serious people who can make the right choices so that our children and grandchildren aren't left with a financial mess to clean up.


Cape Girardeau