Letter to the Editor

Can't change facts by changing what you call it

Tuesday, February 4, 2003

To the editor:

I believe in protecting the rights of children still in the mother's womb. You cannot shrug off the responsibility by simply renaming a child to be a fetus. This is wrong and scientifically incorrect. Choosing to terminate this life is equal to terminating any innocent life. We need to quit trying to change our lives by simply changing our words. It is our actions that mold and shape us as a society. Our actions need to be moving toward love and justice.

I am also for a strong deterrent to horrific crimes. I take no joy in seeing a human being put to death for a crime. However, it is necessary for a society to have laws and rules.

It also amazes me that there are those who are for killing a child and disguising the crime by calling it a choice. Where does the choice of the unborn come into play? If a mother has the right to do what she wants with her body, why is suicide illegal?

Until we decide to turn away from a selfish and self-centered life and turn to the living God with a true and humble heart, there is no expectation but to continue to deteriorate to an even more debased level. May God have mercy on us all.



Calvary Chapel Semo

Cape Girardeau