Local candidates make big sacrifice

Saturday, February 1, 2003

When filing for school board and other local government seats closed last week, the lists of candidates included the names of responsible people who want to serve their communities.

It takes a lot of courage and community spirit to make a decision to be a candidate for local offices that are so accessible to the constituents being served.

There's a tough road ahead for these candidates. First comes the campaigning. Candidates print their signs and fliers and often go door-to-door, explaining to voters what their plans are to improve their school district or city. They face each other in public forums. Their personal lives get put on hold while they work on getting elected.

They go through all of this willingly for the opportunity to be called late at night by constituents with concerns. They go through it to give up evenings and weekends in order to serve the public effectively.

All who run for office, win or lose, deserve a thank you for being the generous, courageous people they are. Best of luck to all of them.

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