Letter to the Editor

Students serving in Guard can get university's help

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

To the editor:

In response to the article "Regional Guard unit to be sent to Panama for training": There should be no need for Spc. Eric Ebaugh to drop his classes at Southeast Missouri State University. He will only be gone for two weeks. He should talk to his professors about options for makeups for papers and exams. Most professors would be willing to help. Being in the military should not be a reason to waste a whole semester because of two weeks of training. I would also urge Ebaugh to go to the Learning Enrichment Center in the University Center to see what options or for help will be available when he returns. The LEC is equipped to help students with open study labs. Private tutoring is also available.

To all the soldiers in the 1140th Engineer Battalion: Thank you for serving. I am also glad you aren't going to the Middle East, but I know that if called you would not hesitate to do your duty. All the best to you and to all of you that serve or have served in our nation's military.


Crestwood, Mo.