Inmate found dead in Newton County jail cell

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

NEOSHO, Mo. -- A 45-year-old man who was in jail for failing to pay child support and court fines was found dead in his cell.

Newton County jail officials said Allen Dale Rogers fell from his bunk and was found face-down on the floor Sunday. They declined to give a cause of death until they get autopsy results.

Rogers, who was from the Seneca area, listed a heart condition and arthritis on a booking questionnaire when he was processed into the jail Saturday morning. His family said he did not have a heart condition.

Rogers was being held on two warrants from Ottawa County, Okla., for failure to provide for a minor child, and failure to pay fines and court costs. A spokeswoman for the Ottawa County Sheriff's Office said Rogers owed about $3,500 in child support and $870 in unpaid fines and court costs.

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