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Stories from Saturday, February 6, 2010

Plungers grin and brrr it for Special Olympics Missouri (02/06/10)
One hundred ninety hardy souls costumed as goldfish crackers, ninjas, princesses, polar bears and bananas -- and a multitude of colorful T-shirts and swimming attire -- all braved the 28-degree temperature, a wind chill of 18 degrees and a water temperature of 34 degrees, to run, dive and splash their way into Lake Boutin at Trail of Tears State Park on Saturday afternoon in the fourth annual Polar Plunge to raise money for the state's Special Olympics.
Around the bend: Cape to Memphis By Dave Hardesty (02/06/10)
Last month, TBY profiled Dave Hardesty and Danny Rees, two men who kayaked the Mississippi River from Cape Girardeau south to mile zero. In upcoming issues of TBY, Dave Hardesty will share a day-by-day account of the trip, which he chronicled in his journal...
Mountain music magic: Man and father-in-law connect through making instruments (02/06/10)
It's pretty common for a father to teach his son about the family business or even share the same talents and abilities. But it isn't every day you see a father-in-law and a son-in-law bonded by the same talents and interests. Meet Gary Dudley and his father-in-law, Jesse Williams, who are not connected by genes, but are very much connected by their love of creating beautiful things from wood...
Praying for a cure: The number of Americans with Alzheimer's disease will triple by the year 2050 - and there's still no way to prevent or cure the condition (02/06/10)
"She just got up and walked out. She doesn't know me today," says Bob Medlock of Sikeston, Mo. The retired preacher is visiting his wife Bernice, an Alzheimer's patient at a New Madrid, Mo., nursing home. "She knows me sometimes," he says. Still, he makes the 40-mile round trip at least four times a week to visit the "beautiful woman" he married 55 years ago...
Smoking for two (or more): New reports link secondhand smoke to heart attacks (02/06/10)
It's a well-known fact that smoking is an unhealthy habit. But did you also know that smoking is the most avoidable cause of disease and death? That secondhand smoke alone increases the risk of heart disease by 25 to 30 percent? And that at 24.9 percent, Missouri has the fourth-highest rate of adult smoking in the United States? The national average is just 18.3 percent...
Out of the past 2/6/10 (02/06/10)
Cape Girardeau voters yesterday rejected a proposed $1.4 million bond issue which would have helped finance major sewer improvements; the vote was 1,034 in favor to 1,200 against. A position paper delivered to Southeast Missouri State University's Academic Council yesterday by Provost Dr. Leslie Cochran outlines extensive changes in the school's teacher education program and recommends the closing of the University School...
Movies At The Mud House- "2012- BRACING FOR TOMORROW" w/ Brent Miller - 2/11/2010 (02/06/10)
OUT THERE (Paranormal Discussion Group) Thursday 2/11/2010 7:15 PM Movies At The Mud House- "2012- BRACING FOR TOMORROW" w/ Brent Miller The Horizon Project: Episode 01: Bracing for Tomorrow Runtime: 1 hr, 15 minutes Episode 01 of The Horizon Project begins with a frightening bang. ...
Cardinal in glass birdfeeder (02/06/10)
This female cardinal was enjoying a snack of sunflower seeds in a crackly blue glass birdfeeder on our pondbank in the snow.
Nap Time (02/06/10)
This is Owen, my 11 week old Great Dane puppy, just getting settled for his afternoon nap. Aside from sleeping, Owen enjoys eating copious amounts of food, attacking his toys and looking at himself in the mirror.
Thanks for the snack, I'm outta here (02/06/10)
This beautiful Junco enjoyed a late afternoon snack at my feeder, it was great to catch him in flight. What a beautiful object of nature.
Sitting Pretty (02/06/10)
I heard this little fella singing loudly in the top of a tall tree before I ever saw him. He sure was pretty in front of the crystal blue sky!!
Late Evening (02/06/10)
Rural Scott County Missouri
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