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Friday, Apr. 24, 2015
Caruthersville tornado: Day 3

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Bill Orton and his mother Hazel Orton are living in a home without power but they aren't budging. Hazel Orton relies on oxygen, but that didn't stop her from attempting to sweep away glass and other debris around the back door to her home. Where she swept, a carport had been ripped away from the house.


Out in the country about 10 miles from Caruthersville, the people of unincorporated Braggadocio are also making decisions about their future.

Outside the shattered Braggadocio Baptist Church, a makeshift relief station has been set up. Winds stripped bricks from the exterior walls, collapsed the roof and partially caved in the structure.

Wesley Huffard, and a friend, Pat Pikey were picking through Huffard's mother's home, Marla Gill. They were searching for heirlooms and photographs before the shattered 140-year-old farmhouse is bulldozed today.

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