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Friday, Mar. 6, 2015
Parks & Rec Day 2005

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Brinna Gosche, 2 of Cape Girardeau, fell asleep on her mother's lap, Michele Gosche, during the K-9 demonstration.

Lucy Monroe, 3 of Cape Girardeau, held on to the top of the climbing wall as she began to climb back down to other side.

Daniel Harris, 10 of Scott City, with the help of Harry Schumer of the Cape Girardeau Fire Department, used a firehose to knock down plastic cones on the parking lot of the Osage Community Center.

Breanna Wade, 5 of Jackson, sat in a police car with Corporal Alivin Spencer as he explained how the sirens and the microphone worked on a police car while Breanna's mother, Rachel Wade watched outside the car.

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