Jefferson Elementary's "virtual fashion show"

Scenes from the making of a "virtual fashion show" Thursday, April 16, 2020, at Jefferson Elementary School in Cape Girardeau. Families who came through the food distribution line at the school could have their picture taken there, but those who didn’t could post a picture on the school’s Facebook feed. Principal Leigh Ragsdale said all the footage would be compiled into a video to be shared. Ragsdale said the school typically does a fall and spring fashion show. “Even though we’ve been doing things every single day through the food line — crafts, academic packets — this is just something to add a little bit of flare, and a little zest and a little life, you know, because we can kind of just get so bored and stir crazy and this is just something for our kids to look forward to,” Ragsdale said. She said they were “following all the rules” and social distancing.