Speak Out: The Demise of the American Education System

Posted by jadip4me on Sat, Mar 5, 2011, at 11:10 AM:

It is saddening to read most commentary posted in Speak Out and the published letters to the editor. This is the evidence people are not properly educated in economics and civil government, much less life skills. They are unable to generate rational thoughts without the help of the media which they are taught as truthful and politically correct. In fact, it is just the opposite. Nor do they accept the responsibility or held accountable for their positions contrary to our country's Constitution commonly referred to as "treason". The real issue is the failure of the education system to effectively prepare students for a fruitful, enlightened life as an AMERICAN with the ability to generate a reasonable independent opinion or thoughts. You can thank your local, state and federal legislators and the teachers unions for irresponsible legislation to finance these failures. That proves money does not solve the problem but has accelerated the demise of today's education system. The answers are simple; parents and teachers teach students to be responsible for their own actions instead of teaching them to find someone else to blame. Reward accomplishments versus degrading success because less motivated students are offended. Teach them respect FOR others rather than expecting FROM others. Provide students the basic "renaissance" education system that worked for years without federal government or union intervention. We now have members of our society unable to truely comprehend the information they receive from a multitude of less than credible sources and just accept it as truthful. They cannot disseminate fact from fiction while suffering from information "overload". They are helpless without their Iphone, Ipad, or any other electronic device to guide them through life. The "APP" for intelligence is truthful knowledge and the integrity to admit the difference. That takes effort, intiative, accountability and responsibility; traits absent in people of our poisoned society. It may be too much to ask or expect.

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  • You are preaching to the 'Amen corner'. Too many powerful organizations have discovered that if they gain control of the classroom they can spread their propaganda and discourage independent thought. I believe that it was Karl Marx that said something in the order of this; "All you need do to change the course of a nation is change the thought patterns of one generation."

    And I am not pointing this comment at any one group in particular. Ever since the control of the local school was taken out of the hands of local government a variety of organizations have focused their attention first at the state level and now at the national level to control the course and emphasis of study among our young people.

    -- Posted by Robert* on Sat, Mar 5, 2011, at 11:55 AM

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