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Posted by JayhawkJulie on Fri, Jul 16, 2010, at 11:21 AM:

Glumetza, a popular medicine used in the treatment of type-2 diabetes, recently has been the subject of a recall. Containers used to package the drug were shipped on foreign wood pallets that were treated with 2,4,6-tribromoanisole (a.k.a. TBA, a chemical that is illegal in the U.S.), which contaminated the medicine supplies.

In addition, Johnson & Johnson recently expanded its massive recall of popular pain relievers because of further implications that the TBA found on wood pallets contaminated additional medicine shipments. In response to the massive recall, J & J has stated that it has stopped using wood pallets in all shipments.The Johnson & Johnson recall is the largest in history.

With the Glumetza recall adding to the list of products being affected by the pallet issues, it is likely that other pharmaceutical companies will be following in Johnson & Johnson's footsteps and discontinuing use of the pallets.

What do you think of all of this? Are you concerned? Do you think the companies involved are reacting appropriately, or do you think more should be done?

How do you feel about foreign companies using chemcials that are illegal in the U.S.?

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  • Probably won't contaminate all that food we are getting from China though... like fish and chicken.

    -- Posted by Have_Wheels_Will_Travel on Fri, Jul 16, 2010, at 11:45 AM
  • Is the culprit something designed to protect us from non native insects and pests?

    Will these new pallets be sprayed with the same stuff?

    I still think we need country of origin labeling. "COOL"

    -- Posted by Old John on Fri, Jul 16, 2010, at 4:41 PM
  • Yes Old John, I agree on the country of origin.

    And if it says China, we will not buy it.

    -- Posted by Have_Wheels_Will_Travel on Fri, Jul 16, 2010, at 6:18 PM
  • Wheels, I dont have a problem with buying a Chinese made product if I know what I am getting. As far as I know, China has no solid system of identifying the quality of there exports. I bought and resold several products from China that were of very good quality. I have also got some real junk from China. It seems to be buyer beware.

    On the other hand I understand Taiwan has a system of recognizing quality similar to the many standards in the U.S.

    Although I am really disappointed that so many products are now made overseas, "Made in Taiwan" can mean quality if imported by a reputable company.

    Now on the other hand, I would like to know if my seafood is a product of Vietnam that looks and tastes like shrimp.

    -- Posted by Old John on Fri, Jul 16, 2010, at 6:37 PM
  • Old John,

    My big problem is with food.

    A while back my wife bought some Tilapia which should be a mild fish. It smelled so bad when she fried it that I looked at the package and saw Product of China on it. We threw it out.

    In Gulf Shores, AL area they have the "food police" out there who go from restaurant to restaurant and to the fresh seafood stores buying different types of fish and other seafood. They are actually doing a DNA on the seafood to find out if people are getting what they pay for. And many times they are not. Sellers of Grouper were a big offender. Of course the restaurants push it off on the suppliers etc.

    The idea of the checking is to keep these people from cheating the tourists and giving the area a bad name.

    I would bet the product from China that I mentioned was not tilapia as we have purchased it before and it doesn't smell that way.

    -- Posted by Have_Wheels_Will_Travel on Fri, Jul 16, 2010, at 7:53 PM
  • Wheels: Wouldn't that be like govt intruding on business that you right wingers so despise? Just asking.

    -- Posted by howdydoody on Fri, Jul 16, 2010, at 9:31 PM
  • Howdy,

    You are assuming me to be a right-winger.

    Never have I said some regulation of what we eat doesn't need to happen.

    And I still say for the most part government is more of a hinderance than a help.

    Do I think the government needs to know what my BMI score is. Hell no! I think it is none of their damned busines.

    Just asking, what do you think of either of these two issues?

    -- Posted by Have_Wheels_Will_Travel on Fri, Jul 16, 2010, at 9:40 PM
  • Wheels, What you desribe sounds more like an industry policing itself, not the same as big brother imposing regulations unwanted.

    -- Posted by Old John on Sat, Jul 17, 2010, at 3:49 AM
  • Old John,

    Yes, I think it is.

    For me, I am a little particular about what I eat. I want to know I am not being served half rotten food. (Or goat!)☺ ☺

    That little ditty I saw on TV a while back where bycycle riders were picking up the dead chickens that had died the night before and delivering them to the processors, where the workers had to wear masks because of the smell didn't do much for my confidence on food originating in China.

    I try to make sure I am eating shrimp caught in the wild. But now it doesn't look good for the industry in the Gulf either.

    I have been wintering in Gulf Shores for over 10 years and spend it along the Bon Secour River.

    I watched the shrimpers come and go. That, due to foreign farm raised shrimp has dwindled to only a trickle. I won't buy the foreign raised stuff. My own little protest I guess, since I got to know some of those people who are hurting because of the loss of business.

    -- Posted by Have_Wheels_Will_Travel on Sat, Jul 17, 2010, at 11:03 AM

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