Speak Out: Speak Out 1/2/18

Posted by David Schaefer on Tue, Jan 2, 2018, at 7:19 AM:

Speak Out win

The decision to install bright lights on Broadway is yet another laudable victory for the Speak Out lobby.

Dems’ values

I think a Speak Outer is speaking with a forked tongue. He said he agreed with Nancy Pelosi but then went with a long-winded attack on Democrats. Perhaps he is not paying attention to what happened in Alabama and North Carolina. The time has come that voters want leaders with values. How do you explain a bullying and lying president to one’s children? To the caller pretending to agree with Pelosi, the Democrats will be walking proudly into the Capitol doors!

Tax cut

Middle class, enjoy the first tax cut you get as the rest will be eaten up with higher costs. Just as my 2 percent raise for my Social Security is costing me $9 more a month. $108.00 a year.

Christmas, sports

How wonderful! The time of year our children are out of school and many parents can take time off. We have time to be with our families and to celebrate and worship the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. But wait, something ominous is stirring. All hail the god of sports! Families and loved ones have been dragging themselves and their children to sports since start of school year and will until end of school year. Let’s take this special time and fill it with more of the same. No decent family time and forget church and others. And, let’s not forget our mantra as society, homes and family crumble, “What is this world coming to, what’s the matter with people?” This newspaper and others think the basketball Christmas Tournament is just terrific, yet the attendance numbers seem to be trending down. Anyway, so, what God do you choose?

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    Speak Out win: Anyone with common sense knew that something needed to be done with the lighting on Broadway.

    Dems’ values: What a hoot - Democratic values such as same sex marriages and abortions to name just two....good grief put that Weed down and get a life.

    Tax cut: Two different things you are speaking of and I believe you know better but hey that's what the Fake news and Fake comments from the DNC does now a days.

    Christmas, sports: And what you be doing if you weren't taking your kids to the basketball tournaments ....taking naps on the couch, drinking a few more beers, watching football games of TV - yea it's that quality time with your kids. BTW, there is only one true God - never mind the fake gods.

    And that's the way it should be....Tuesday January 2, 2018.

    -- Posted by David Schaefer on Tue, Jan 2, 2018, at 7:37 AM
  • Dems’ values....a person doesn't have to pay attention , it's free . Values can be like food , everyone has their own tastes , the USA needs more of the current Politicians walking out of Capitols instead of walking back into Capitols . The (D) and the (R) are getting old ...

    Tax cut...what tax cut ? Mine's the same , seeing is believing . The ACA was suppose to make health care more affordable too , but...

    Christmas, sports...uumm , what ?

    -- Posted by Rick Scaggs on Tue, Jan 2, 2018, at 7:38 AM
  • Regarding Dem's values, I think the person missed the point. The original article was obviously a sarcastic statement on "ole Nancy Pelosi". I also agree with the original caller...I've never agreed with her but she is correct to be afraid. The Dems are going to take a real beating in the next election and thank goodness for a President that has some backbone and a true interest in the American people. You may not agree with his style, but he keeps his word and doesn't run around apologizing to the world about how awful the U.S. is like our former clown in chief.

    -- Posted by Greg Illers on Tue, Jan 2, 2018, at 8:47 AM
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    -- Posted by Greg Illers on Tue, Jan 2, 2018, at 8:47 AM

    Greg: The World leaders were use to the Crawdad-In-Chief....that's why they don't like President Trump because he Leads and tells them all what's what.

    -- Posted by David Schaefer on Tue, Jan 2, 2018, at 8:51 AM
  • First of all, Trump doesn't know whats what. He has already shown that he is completely incompetent. He's done more to make the situation worse in the middle east by moving the embassy to jerusalem. That was a monumentally huge disaster that he created. Its drawing ire of our allies over there because it destabilized the region. It also hurts Isreal. This guy is a clown. He has already lied more than more than Bush and Obama. Fact checkers at the non partisian politifact have shown that he is in fact a pathalogical liar. They did the math and i broke down to about five lies a day. second of all, trumps approval ratings have gone down to about 32 percent. That is the lowest approval rating for a president after only one year in office ever. With that and all of the vulnerable republicans in more liberal areas, i do predict that the democrats will take both the house and senate back in 2018. Remember trump barely won and he can't afford to lose any votes. Do to Trumps craziness and historic unpopularity the republicans will take a beating unless they dump Trump.

    -- Posted by Eric Aide on Tue, Jan 2, 2018, at 12:55 PM
  • Sometimes I agree with the old adage that children should be seen and not heard.

    -- Posted by R. W. Bess on Tue, Jan 2, 2018, at 1:06 PM
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    -- Posted by Eric Aide on Tue, Jan 2, 2018, at 12:55 PM

    Left Wing: Welcome back. Glad to be able to set you straight on your comments.

    The US has a bill made in Congress back in the 90s to officially move the Embassy to Jerusalem which is the Capital of Israel....believe the votes included both Democrats and Republican

    President Obama didn't lie during his 8 yrs. in office did he....well if Obama was a Catholic and not a Muslim he could have been declared a saint by the Pope.

    According to the year end Rasmussen Poll President Trump had basically the same percentage of President Obama at the end of his first term....never mind all the biased news media's negative reports.


    -- Posted by David Schaefer on Tue, Jan 2, 2018, at 3:29 PM
  • I wonder who is paying for this left wing college indoctrination...never mind I think we know. This destabilizing includes getting the Pakistanis attention and says the US expects something in return for our foreign aid to people suffering from their own ignorance about the cost of freedom.

    -- Posted by R. W. Bess on Tue, Jan 2, 2018, at 6:49 PM
  • Name one politician who didn't lie

    -- Posted by Rick Scaggs on Tue, Jan 2, 2018, at 6:49 PM
  • Iran is at each other's throat right now , that ought to keep the region busy for awhile .

    -- Posted by Rick Scaggs on Tue, Jan 2, 2018, at 6:52 PM

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