Notice from Publisher to Speak Out Commenters: 4-15-20

Posted by Deseased Turtle on Wed, Apr 15, 2020, at 6:17 AM:

Please wear a mask

I wish everyone would take the warnings seriously and wear a mask in the stores. It's not just to protect you. It's to protect others, because you don't know if you've already got the virus. Do you really want to be a silent carrier, endangering others who might be more vulnerable? Please wear a mask or a bandana or a scarf. Something, please.

Exercise, eat healthy

Key to beating any virus. Everyone should eat well, continue to exercise and be healthy. Not sure why people are not exercising and staying fit. Fitness is the key to building the Immune system in your body!

Money decision

Getting a scholarship, being a preferred walk on, and getting a full ride are all different things. Get off the bandwagon of why someone chose this school over that school. It comes down to money. No one is choosing Mizzou over Alabama except when Mizzou offers more money. Period.

Faux outrage

Not to make light of the Coronavirus' affect on my fellow citizens, but it appears the virus has attacked and destroyed Democrat's faux furor over Russia and Ukraine.

Jackson education

Since our Jackson school district can only manage to distribute one core subject per day, parents are creating full lesson plans. And many of us are tired of district administration self promotion and photo ops instead of creating and distributing a challenging curriculum.

Stay home

I would like to know why people are having family BBQs in this time of pandemic. No masks. No gloves. What are you thinking? Just because there isn't a major outbreak here yet doesn't mean we can just start having family over or running up and down the streets all day long, which people are doing as well. I want to see my family, too. I miss my grandchildren and family. I have a brother who is at-risk and I won't take the chance on me catching the virus or giving to him.

Cemetery care

I'm writing in regards to the way the city is neglecting the care of Fairmount and New Lorimer Cemeteries. It's disgraceful and disrespectful to our loved one's memorials. The sign posted says flowers would be removed on March 10. There are still Christmas flowers out which means they didn't remove the flowers on March 10. I waited to put out Easter flowers for fear they'd get removed. On Good Friday my daughter and I went ahead and put Easter flowers out. We had to pull weeds around my husband's gravestone!

Hero defined

The word "hero" is thrown around too often. A hero isn't someone who shows up to work and does their job. A hero isn't someone who does their job during a time of crisis. A hero is someone who goes above and beyond their peers to do extraordinary things.

School struggles

If it's OK to run a food pantry out of the school then open the school back up to students. Teachers and administrators are tone deaf to the struggles in the real world. While you're getting paid your full salaries for doing little work and not paying for child care, the rest of us out here are struggling.

Social distancing

I want to thank everyone who is patient and distancing themselves properly at the grocery store. Every time I go now, people are giving plenty of space at the checkout. I really appreciate that. I also appreciate the store being open just for seniors. Thank you.

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