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Things happen but you go on (02/22/15)
Things happen but you keep going on Life is so-o-o ambiguous, but you have to live with what takes place. You never know from one moment until the next what's going to happen. Consequently, you can never allow yourself to get too comfortable or complacent...
Dealing with the unexpected without panic, but calm (02/22/15)
Each and every one of us will face situations we did not expect and circumstances for which we were not looking. Perhaps no Biblical character demonstrates this more than Daniel. When he was young, Daniel was forced from his family after his homeland was conquered. Everything familiar in his life was suddenly gone, and he was taken to a place where the people thought, spoke and even ate differently than he...
Church-planting church settles in (02/22/15)
While most churches strive to spread the Good News, each congregation has its own specific focus, an area in which its members feel especially called. City Church Cape Girardeau at 817 Broadway, which "started in a living room with a handful of families" in 2012, is committed to serving its community and planting other churches for evangelism...
Former Kansas lead singer John Elefante to perform 3 services at LaCroix church (02/15/15)
Members and visitors of LaCroix United Methodist Church, who are fans of classic rock, are in for a treat next Saturday and Sunday, when John Elefante, former lead singer of the band Kansas, will speak and perform at three of the church's services. On Saturday, Elefante will appear at the 5:30 p.m. service, and, on Sunday at the 9:30 and 11 a.m. services...
Even fear can be used to draw us closer to God (02/15/15)
I think we've been getting it wrong. Growing up, I was always taught the opposite of love is hate. Throughout the past few years, I've realized thinking like this sells ourselves short, sells love and its depth short. Oversimplifies it. Maybe it's true hate is an antonym of love, depending on which qualities we're focusing on...
Does it matter that valor and achievement are earned? (02/15/15)
Referring to a boast that is ultimately untruthful, "blowing smoke" is a wonderful colloquialism. When I was attending seminary in the early '90s, a surprising number of my fellow students would pipe up in class and say, "I marched with Dr. King," meaning the great civil rights leader and Baptist pastor Martin Luther King Jr., assassinated 1968. In my hearing, these students were not challenged to provide details...
Best to build on a firm foundation (02/08/15)
Most of us are familiar with images of city skylines. We may even recognize certain buildings and know from sight if we are looking at images of New York, Chicago, San Francisco -- even London or Paris. When you travel to a city with skyscrapers dotting the landscape and walk among the streets it's very easy to be impressed and overwhelmed by the size and scale of these buildings. ...
Do not lean just on your own understanding, but God's (02/08/15)
Do you wonder why particular things happen in life that are sad, horrible and make no sense? Regardless of how hard you pray, they don't seem to change. People ask, "How can a merciful God allow this to occur? He didn't deserve this. Why is she having to suffer so long?"...
Music to calm heart, mind, soul (02/08/15)
The musical journey of Vince Wingo has taken him from Clippard Elementary School, where he learned to read sheet music in a "full European-style music program," to Saint John the Theologian Orthodox Church, where he serves as the congregation's chanter...
Place of rest: Shadow Rest ministry offers getaway and gathering place for prayer, study and more (02/01/15)
Fred Burgard and his wife, Sharon, know the demands of the ministry and the need for spiritual leaders to get away, be still and rest. They founded Shadow Rest Ministries with the goal of offering that place of rest to those who need it most. In 2004, Fred resigned from pastoring after fulfilling that role in two churches between 1993 and 2004. ...
I believe in God, at its most basic (02/01/15)
A copy of the Nicene Creed hangs on the wall above my bed. I've hung it in whatever room I've lived in away from home ever since I read somewhere during my junior year of college the quote by St. Augustine: "Let the Creed be like a mirror for you. Look at yourself in it to see whether you really believe all that you claim to believe. And rejoice everyday in your faith."...
Is boredom really 'public enemy No. 1?' (02/01/15)
This column is about the Super Bowl but it isn't. It's really about our collective embrace of the trivial. We embrace it because we have to talk to each other about something, don't we? The only explanation that makes sense to me to account for why "Deflategate" has endured in the public mind for two solid weeks is that we're bored. And when we're bored, we cleave to the nonessential, to trivia...
LDS members explain their Mo. mission work (01/26/15)
MARYVILLE, Mo. -- It's a familiar sight in Maryville -- a familiar sight, in fact, in thousands of towns and cities all across the United States -- two lanky, clean-cut young men in dress slacks, collared shirts and neckties walk down a residential street carrying satchels, occasionally stopping to ring someone's doorbell...
Is it possible to forgo worry? (01/25/15)
Bob was distraught. Oh, my, but how upset he was! He had received a speeding ticket. He hadn't meant to go over the speed limit but he was trying to get to school to pick up a child. Then, out of the blue, multicolored lights were flashing behind him and he heard the sound of a siren. ...
A hand up (01/25/15)
DELTA, Mo. -- Established in 2011, the Amen Center west of Delta continues to fulfill its mission, described by co-founder Danny Hollowell as "getting people back on their feet and introducing them to the Lord." A number of area churches help accomplish this through donations, most recently a much-needed water purification system provided by La Croix United Methodist Church...
Signs, signs -- everywhere signs (01/25/15)
Somewhere buried in a box in my in-laws' home are pictures of a cross-country trip my wife and her family took one summer. Everytime they crossed a state line, they stopped and took a photo of her standing in front of the "Welcome to this state" sign. My wife says she does not remember much about the trip other than standing on the side of the road in the desert and feeling her flip flops melting under her feet...
Seizing an opportunity to become the living hands of God (01/18/15)
"Some men see things as they are, and say, 'Why?' I dream things that never were, and say, 'Why not?'" The epigram above may be one of the best-known quotes attributed to Robert F. Kennedy. No one knows the job the assassinated RFK might have done as president. ...
A difficult age of complication, confusion and the cross (01/18/15)
What people never tell you is that 22 is hard. Maybe the closest anyone got was telling you it's happy, free, confusing and lonely -- at the same time. And that there is some amount of dancing involved, if you have any hope of getting through it. But not many people ever come right out and say it, so I'm going to: Being 22 is hard...
Mud and mission (01/18/15)
Many talk about pushing themselves to the absolute limit in the throes of competition. Few actually do it. Pastor Danny Wilson, youth pastor at Bethel Assembly of God in Cape Girardeau, did -- and it nearly cost him his life. Ever the competitor, Wilson had participated in four smaller mudder events -- competitions involving running, swimming, obstacles and other physically taxing challenges. ...
Believing that everything bad is just temporary (01/11/15)
How would you feel if you believed that bad piece of luck you were experiencing would not last? It seems like unpleasant happenings will never end, while they're making their appearance. You think your misery, bad health, sadness, failure or hard times will be with you forever...
Joy is God's gift to those who seek Him (01/11/15)
This is the time of year when, all across our nation, men and women are making changes to the way they live, to live like they have always wanted. Many call these resolutions, some call them habits, while others refer to them as lifestyle changes. In either case a new way reveals dissatisfaction with the current way...
Dexter author tells story of friends, faith and forging ahead (01/04/15)
While Betty Lowrey had developed several manuscripts and had a few fictional characters evolving in her mind, it wasn't until her husband, Bob, encouraged her to take a gamble that her ambition of becoming a published author paid off. "My husband and I have been involved in farming all our lives, and farming is a gamble. He encouraged me to submit a manuscript. He said, 'Think of it as a crop, and we'll see if it pays off,'" Lowrey said...
A created thing is an expression of its creator (01/04/15)
This Christmas I was blessed with the gift of coming home from Athens to surprise my family. Their joy at having me here and my joy at being here with them is making me think once again about how much our presence is a gift to the world and the people in our lives...
Keeping it simple has advantages (01/04/15)
It is four days into the new year. Time enough for New Years' resolutions recently made already to be broken. Here's one I hope will endure for me: Keep things simple. Simplicity is required when speaking to small children or to seniors with memory impairment. For everyone in between, simplicity is usually cast to the four winds...
What will the new year mean to you? (12/28/14)
The Christmas season, as many know it, ends the day after Christmas. Other churches believe it lasts until the Epiphany. It isn't long after the holiday, you began to think of celebrating the new year. Perhaps parties are on your agenda, the New Year's welcoming ceremony at midnight or you may have a list of changes you're going to make this coming year...
Setting sail with spirituality made new, with God's help (12/28/14)
During one summer break while attending college, I worked at a camp, spending the majority of my days on and in the lake. One of my assignments was to teach unsuspecting campers how to sail. I guess the reasoning was that, a) I was older than they were, and b) I had been sailing for at lease one day longer than they had, so, for all intents and purposes, compared to the campers, I was an expert...
Mother and son and god's 'signs' (12/28/14)
Swaziland, Africa, is not usually on a 12-year-old boy's list of places to travel during Thanksgiving. However, that was precisely the choice Parker Lipke made this year. He and his mother, Ashley, part of a Heart for Africa team, left the comforts of America and spent 10 days on a mission trip. Their plan was to be a blessing, but both received much more than they gave -- and Parker, for one, cannot wait to return...
'Away in a Manger' at Hobbs Chapel (12/22/14)
Levi Monroe, right, and Dylan Craig portray shepherds in The Nativity during the Christmas program Sunday night at Hobbs Chapel United Methodist Church in Cape Girardeau. (Fred Lynch)
Truth-telling is not necessarily a clear-cut matter (12/21/14)
Tell the truth. Those words are not explicitly stated in the Ten Commandments, although they are broadly inferred by commandment No. 9 -- the one prohibiting false testimony against a neighbor. "Don't steal," however, is straightforwardly stated. In the 2003 best-selling book, "The Kite Runner," the author suggests that every violation ultimately comes down to stealing...
Christmas nostalgia, a bit of sadness, joy that is incomplete (12/21/14)
Now I am in the stable. I bend to touch the straw on the ground, bring a handful to my nose and breathe in deep, pick out a single piece and stick it in my mouth, bite down on the hollow stalk that tastes of something I cannot name, and salt. Where are you? Running your hand along the splintered wood of the wall? Writing your name in trough-water mud with the toe of your boot? Over petting the cow, whose coat is moist in the heat? Maybe in a moment I will join you -- I have always wanted to feel the fur, but never quite gotten close enough.. ...
'Miraculous' Murals (12/21/14)
When the director of Christian education at Trinity Lutheran Church asked twin sisters Brenda Gerler and Saundra Flanagan to paint scenes of Bethlehem along the Sunday school hallway, no one imagined the two would create works of art that would totally alter the appearance of the area and create great excitement among the children...
But I want to live -- welcoming the fresh air of hope (12/14/14)
You're 20 years old. You are 70 years old. Or maybe you're 100. But, whether you're living is up to you. That may sound strange, but there is more to living than breathing, walking, talking, eating and sleeping. Living is what you do, or you don't do, with the life you've been given. As I have said before in my writings, you can be alive at 100 or you can be dead at 20 or younger...
The greatest gift (12/14/14)
Growing up, a highlight of Christmas was receiving the coveted Wish Book, the mail-order catalog published by Sears. As soon as the catalog of Christmas hopes and dreams arrived, we knew that Christmas would be here soon. My brother and I would pore over the pages, coveting all of the toys, games and sports equipment that would make our Christmas the best ever...
Carol of the bells (12/14/14)
"It's not Christmas without bells," asserts Misty Rivers, director of Grace Notes Bell Choir at Grace United Methodist Church in Cape Girardeau. It is that passion for music that drew Rivers to become a member of the handbell choir in 1998 and has led her to remain a member since. ...
'Our heart is restless until it rests with you' (12/07/14)
Advent is all about longing. Longing for Christ to come, to be born in us. Longing for something better, to be part of something more, for something to finally fulfill us. This longing brings with it a restlessness to seek, to keep seeking. We feel a long way off; there is a journey...
In the spirit of the meddling Jerry Jones (12/07/14)
We tend to make up our minds pretty quickly about people -- sometimes too quickly. I've never had much use for Jerry Jones of Dallas Cowboys fame, for example. My view of him has been settled for some time -- as a meddling, uber-wealthy NFL owner who can't stop but interfering with the operation of his franchise. ...
Finding the sweet spot of godly character (11/30/14)
In everything there is a sweet spot. The spot where all works just like it's supposed to. The tennis player strikes the ball with the center of the racket, directing the ball to do exactly what it is supposed to. The golfer uses their nine iron to kiss the golf-ball just right, causing it to land on the green and descending into the cup to the sounds of sweet victory. ...
Don't let what happens on the outside disturb you on the inside (11/30/14)
How often do you let problems, over which you have little or no control, or that belong to someone else, bother you? Or do you allow issues with little spiritual consequence play a major role in your peace of mind? Janet was upset. She cried, became depressed and felt like giving up. ...
Joyful noise: Good Shepherd ladies' hymns bring 'church and God to people' (11/30/14)
Bringing a part of a church service to those who didn't know it was coming is a rewarding new initiative for the Good Shepherd Lutheran Chapel Ladies Guild. Joining representatives of the 1904 W. Cape Rock Drive church's choir, 10 singers paid a surprise visit to The Lutheran Home at 2825 Bloomfield Road in late October, and made a series of a cappella stops, performing pieces of six hymns...
Saying 'yes' to what God calls you to, and overcoming fear of failure in life (11/23/14)
Last summer, I had a wonderful internship experience at a newspaper in St. Louis. My first day on the job, I read a handbook the previous intern had written for new interns. As I was reading, one specific sentence stuck out to me. It said, "Say 'yes' to everything."...
Real or artificial? (11/23/14)
My dear wife is not a demanding person. I am aware of her preferences, though, and try to make a concerted effort to fulfill them. As she does for me. It's marriage. There is one thing about which she is insistent. We've been a couple for 37 years, and she's always wanted this. What does she want? A live tree at Christmastime...
'Valuable Outreach' (11/23/14)
"It's more than that," Melanie Sherinski said, when asked if the upcoming Plowshares Sale was an arts and crafts show. "It's an international fair-trade market," she explained. While there will be arts and crafts for sale, Sherinski, coordinator of the sale, described the Plowshare Sale, which will be held for the third time at Abbey Road Christian Church in Cape Girardeau, as a "valuable outreach" and ministry to help people in need. ...
Methodist church in St. Joseph keeps history alive (11/17/14)
ST. JOSEPH, Mo. -- Inside a cabinet at Ashland United Methodist Church stand dozens of scrapbooks, the years written on the spines in precise handwriting. Inside the books are documents from decades of traditions, people and changes at the church, an important glimpse into a history that dates back to the 1840s...
Catholic Campus Ministry celebrates 100 years (11/16/14)
Although it has existed 100 years, Catholic Campus Ministry on the Southeast Missouri State University campus has changed with the times, becoming more active in its mission of bringing people to a relationship with Jesus Christ through the church. It does this through missionaries, Masses and social gatherings for special occasions...
We are created for relationship, with our hearts open (11/09/14)
Two weekends ago I went to Skopje, Macedonia, which turned out to be one of my favorite places I've ever been, as well as the birthplace of Mother Teresa, two really nice surprises to me. While there, I was able to go to the Mother Teresa memorial house, where I bought a cross with this saying of hers on it: "If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other."...
What can separate us from the love of God? (11/09/14)
My mind seems to go immediately to the Bible when I'm asked a question that has to do with morality or ethics or, especially, the character of God. It's dangerous for a human being to comment about God's attitude about anything -- which is why it's necessary just to fall back on Scripture...
Good News Club introduces Bible to kids (11/02/14)
Started two years ago and sponsored by Bethany Baptist Church, the Good News Club brings children from kindergarten through fourth grade together to learn about the Bible and its teachings. It is a ministry of Child Evangelism Fellowship International, headquartered in Warrenton, Missouri. Laura Norman runs the club in Cape Girardeau, which usually meets at Alma Schrader Elementary School...
Time is beyond our influence (11/02/14)
If you are reading this before you needed to be anywhere today, just a reminder: You've lost an hour between yesterday and today. Not to worry; the loss in is your favor. Though the hour gained from daylights saving time's ending seems to be lost by having to reset all of my clocks...
You can't always keep a smile on someone's face (11/02/14)
Do you feel bad when someone you love is upset or sad? Even though it may be their fault, do you rush to try to fix it? It's a fine line between nurturing someone and becoming co-dependent. If you're like me, you're saddened when someone in your family or friend network endures rejection or hardship. What do you do?...
Seeking contentment that quenches (10/19/14)
Signs of a coming winter are everywhere. Black woolly bugs are venturing across the driveway the way Moses and the Hebrew slaves crossed the Red Sea. My car is crushing acorns under its tires as if they were a gravel road. And perhaps most concerning, my appetite is up and activity level is low. Winter is coming. You can feel it...
Keep on asking and God will respond (10/19/14)
It was in an unlikely place that I renewed my faith. I thoroughly enjoy murder mysteries. That sounds rather morbid, I know, but it's the intricacies involved in solving them that captures my interest. The one I watched on television a couple evenings ago certainly touched my spirit...
Exhibit reflects pioneers of East Perry County (10/19/14)
ALTENBURG, Mo -- The difficulty of settling East Perry County in the 1840s and the determination required of Lutheran immigrants from Saxony, Germany, to survive are revived in an exhibit on display through Nov. 7 at the Lutheran Heritage Center and Museum in Altenburg...
Aaron Shust tour coming to Cape Bible Chapel (10/12/14)
The Aaron Shust Morning Rises tour, which has traveled to nationwide, on Friday will come to Cape Bible Chapel in Cape Girardeau. The Dove award-winning Christian singer and songwriter will be joined by Dove-nominated Mikeschair, Australian sensation Nathan Tasker and newcomer Lauren Daigle. Sponsored by Compassion International, the fall leg of the tour is in promotion the "Morning Rises" album...
My strength and my shield (10/12/14)
I have spent a lot of mental energy throughout my life trying to protect myself, to figure out what will be accepted by people and then fulfilling that. I put up walls of "coolness" -- overrated, for sure -- that keep me, yes, from being rejected, but also from fully experiencing life and contributing all I am to others...
Power of a symbol is in its simplicity (10/12/14)
Whoever it was who came up with the idea of using pink to highlight breast cancer awareness, whatever marketing genius developed that idea, deserves a big bonus every year. During October, we see pink everywhere. Drive past my place of business, Chateau Girardeau, and you'll see decorative pink as you drive along Independence Street all along the frontage to our property. I'm even sporting a polo shirt with a pink emblem. I assure you that pink would not be on my clothing for any other reason...
Baptist Student Center marks 75 years (10/05/14)
Baptist student Center marks 75 years on the campus of Southeast Missouri State University
Criticism should lead to examination (10/05/14)
Some of the hardest lessons come from criticism, which may be precisely what is needed to get to the next level in your life. Bruce (not his real name) had a brilliant future. He excelled in computer technologies well beyond his years. Before graduating high school he was offered several full scholarships to universities of science and technologies. Everything about his future looked bright...
As is the ocean, life is made up of ebbs and flows (10/05/14)
Life spurs numerous emotions, and they help determine your degree of happiness. Do you feel like a failure? Failure means different things to different people. Everybody has to figure out what success and failure mean to them. To some, success consists of a loving family, food on the table and a comfortable amount of money...
God saved relationship with wife, children, Andy Benes says (09/29/14)
Until he placed his trust in God, former professional baseball pitcher Andy Benes said he wasn't a good father or husband, but it took him a while to realize it. Benes was the first pick in the 1988 Major League Baseball draft and won an Olympic gold medal the same year. ...
'The walking Bible:' Scripture-memorizing minister to speak in Cape (09/28/14)
The Rev. Jim McNiel has done many things, including a notable turn as a Gospel singer, but he didn't find his purpose until he began memorizing the New Testament and delivering it in character as the Biblical writers. Known among Southern Baptists as "The Walking Bible," McNiel will be the featured speaker during a revival Oct. 11 through 14 at Bethany Baptist Church at 1712 Randol Ave. in Cape Girardeau...
A free gift of self to be set free (09/28/14)
The other day, outside a grocery store, I met a woman named Katerine who was asking people for money. As I sat on the curb waiting for my friend, Katerine turned around and said something to me in Greek. I apologized for not speaking the language, and she nodded her head and turned back around. For the next few minutes I struggled between wanting to talk with her and my fear, until I saw another woman hand Katerine some money. This woman's example of sharing gave me the courage to do the same...
The words of a great American theologian (09/28/14)
God, give me grace to accept with serenity the things that cannot be changed, Courage to change the things which should be changed, and the Wisdom to distinguish the one from the other. Living one day at a time,...
The secret to living longer (09/21/14)
What would you say if I told you that I have found the secret to a prolonged life? Many have searched for this secret. Few have found it. Some have thought they found it only to realize too late that they didn't. The secret is out. The Bible does not hide it...
Getting past the plague of loneliness (09/21/14)
One of the most prevalent causes of unhappiness and feelings of rejection is loneliness. It plagues most people, at least partially, from infancy all the way through your adulthood into old age. Even wildlife fall prey to the condition "I never get lonely," you may say. Perhaps there are a few who can avoid the malady, since some are loners by nature; however, even they have ways of coping. Most of you will experience loneliness at one time or another...
Life is a journey: Writer shares outlook in newly published book (09/21/14)
Ellen Shuck has an extensive background in helping people with their problems, and she wanted to put as much of that experience as possible between the covers of her new book, "Wisdom for the Journey." "Life is a journey, the longest we will ever make," Shuck said. "True happiness isn't what goes on outside you. It lies within yourself."...
Noticing God on a bus, and all around (09/14/14)
I have officially moved to a suburb of Athens, Greece, where I'll be living and teaching during the next year. What I've been struck by most since I've been here is God's presence with me, his care and provision and how others are Christ to me. Moving to a completely new environment has opened me up to noticing the sweet ways God tells me moment by moment that he loves me, has allowed me to realize and live my dependence on him...
New is exciting, untainted and tempting (09/14/14)
Stay together -- or split up? A professor at a Texas seminary tells of the time he and his wife were on the verge of divorce. Their estrangement was deep and wide. The only thing they had left of their decades-long marriage was their mutual respect for their wedding vows. They held onto those words of lifelong commitment; it was the sole remaining connection left between them...
Seminar aims to help guide child's faith journey (09/14/14)
Lynwood Baptist Church will host its third Parent Summit from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sept. 27. The summit, based on the Milestone Strategy, gives parents tools to help them guide their children through a faith journey from pre-school through adulthood. "There are seven milestones in the strategy, and each one focuses on a different age..." Kevin Coffee, discipleship pastor a Lynwood Baptist Church, said in an interview with the Southeast Missourian...
Columnist Limbaugh releases Christian book (09/09/14)
David Limbaugh's new book, "Jesus on Trial: A Lawyer Affirms the Truth of the Gospel," is a departure from his more political work. "The nature of the subject matter is so positive, as opposed to politics, which are necessarily negative," Limbaugh said in an interview Friday, in advance of the book's release Monday. "This book is about Christianity. I'm looking forward to a change of pace, a change of perspective, a change of focus. I think the whole thing will be more fun and gratifying."...
Unlikely author pens book about hope and faith (09/07/14)
You probably won't find a more unlikely writer of a novel about good versus evil, hope and enlightenment than Louis Anthony Agnello Jr. Agnello, the author of "The Devil's Glove" will be in Cape Girdeau Friday, when he'll do a book signing at Barnes and Noble Booksellers in West Park Mall from 5 to 8 p.m...
Asking the question: Who are you, really? (09/07/14)
The high school teenager giggles in an abnormal, fake-sounding way. The woman puts on airs when she's with those she feels are above her. The man buys lunch for everybody. He must appear to be affluent and successful. The lawyer feels he must purchase a house-too large for his family -- as a status symbol. His wife goes along with his whim. She doesn't understand why he wants to buy a house too big for the small family...
A new song is a new direction (09/07/14)
September is a great time of year to begin something new. Psalm 40:3 says, "He has given me a new song to sing, a hymn of praise to our God." Something new is fresh. A new shirt can make you feel fresh and sharp the first time you wear it. Building a new habit creates good feelings and a sense of alertness. New is very good...
Asking the question: Who are you, really? (09/07/14)
The high school teenager giggles in an abnormal, fake-sounding way. The woman puts on airs when she's with those she feels are above her. The man buys lunch for everybody. He must appear to be affluent and successful. The lawyer feels he must purchase a house-too large for his family -- as a status symbol. His wife goes along with his whim. She doesn't understand why he wants to buy a house too big for the small family...
A new song is a new direction (09/07/14)
September is a great time of year to begin something new. Psalm 40:3 says, "He has given me a new song to sing, a hymn of praise to our God." Something new is fresh. A new shirt can make you feel fresh and sharp the first time you wear it. Building a new habit creates good feelings and a sense of alertness. New is very good...
Ministry of dessert: Serving frozen yogurt topped with values (08/31/14)
Noting the popularity of frozen yogurt, it was easy for former schoolteachers Lori Laramore of Cape Girardeau and Allyson Leckie and Angela Schlitt of Jackson to get their heads together about opening a shop. They decided after a great deal of deliberation to call it Simply Swirled...
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Evangelical UCC (United Church of Christ)
33 S. Ellis, Cape Girardeau
Website: http://www.evangelicaluccofcape.org/
Sunday School 9:30am
Sunday Worship 10:35am
Fellowship Baptist Church (Southern Baptist)
430 Koch St., Cape Girardeau
Sunday School 9:45am
Sunday Worship 10:45am & 6:00pm
Sunday Children Church 11:00am
Wednesday Bible Study 7:00pm
First Baptist Church
1289 Lexington Avenue, Cape Girardeau
Website: http://www.fbccape.com
Bible Study 9:30am
Worship 10:45am
Wednesday Night 5:30pm
First Baptist Church (Southern Baptist)
591 North Liberty Street , Delta
Website: http://www.fbcdelta.org
Sunday Service 10:45am & 6:00pm
Sunday School 9:45am
Wednesday Service 6:00pm
First Baptist Church (Southern Baptist)
212 S. High, Jackson
Website: http://www.firstbaptistjackson.tv
Sunday Morning Blended Worship 8:30am
Sunday School 9:45am
Sunday Morning Modern Worship 11:00am
Sunday Night Worship 6:00pm
Wednesday Bible Study & Activities 6:15pm
First Free Will Baptist (General Baptist)
2919 Kage Rd., Cape Girardeau
Sunday School 9:30am
Worship 10:30am
Sunday evening 6:00pm
Wednesday evening 7:00pm
First General Baptist Church of Cape
1812 Cape LaCroix Road, Cape Girardeau
Website: http://netministries.org/frames.asp?url=...
Sunday School 9:00am
Morning Worship 10:00am

Children's program 6:30pm
Youth Program 6:30pm
Adult Bible Study 6:30pm
Prayer Time 6:30pm
First Pentecostal Church
3054 Lexington, Cape Girardeau
Website: http://www.fpccape.com
Sunday School: 10am
Sunday Worship: 11am & 6pm
Wednesday Worship: 7pm
Bible Discovery - Ages 5-10: 11am
First Presbyterian Church
235 Broadway, Cape Girardeau
Website: http://www.firstccape.org
Sunday School 9:30am
Sunday Coffee in the Parlor 10:00-10:30am
Sunday Worship 10:30am
First Presbyterian Church
206 E. Washington, Jackson
Sunday School 8:45am
Sunday Worship 10:00am
Fountain of Life Tabernacle ()
2484 Old Toll Rd, Jackson, MO
Sunday Services
Sunday School 9:30 am
Morning Worship 10:30 am
Kids Church 10:30 am
Sunday evening evangelistic service 6:00 pm
Wednesday evening 7:00 pm
Fruitland Community Church (Southern Baptist)
6040 US Highway 61, Jackson
Website: http://www.fruitlandcommunity.com
Sunday Worship 8:00am & 10:30am
Sunday Bible Study 9:15am
AWANA Sunday 5:00pm
Weekly Small Groups
Good Shepherd Lutheran Chapel
1904 W. Cape Rock Drive, Cape Girardeau
Website: http://goodshepherdcape.ctsmemberconnect...
Sunday Worship 8:00am & 10:30am
Sunday School/Bible Class 9:15am
Grace United Methodist Church
521 Caruthers St., Cape Girardeau
Website: http://www.capegrace.org
Sunday School 10:10am
Heritage Traditional 9:00am
Sunday Contemporary 11:15am
Hanover Lutheran Church
2949 Perryville Road, Cape Girardeau
Website: http://www.hanoverlutheran.com
Sunday Services at 7:45 and 10:00am
Hobbs Chapel United Methodist
3024 State hwy 177, Cape Girardeau
Website: http://www.moumethodist.org/churches/det...
Sunday Worship 9:00am
Sunday School 10:15am
Illmo Baptist (Southern Baptist)
802 Second St. East, Scott City
Website: http://www.illmobaptist.com
Sunday Bible Study 9:45am
Sunday Worship 10:55am
Wednesday Prayer Service 6:30pm
Immanuel Lutheran (Tilsit)
496 State Hwy F, Jackson
Website: http://www.showme.net/churches/immanuel
Sunday Worship 8:45am
Sunday School 10:00am
LaCroix Church (United Methodist)
162 E. Missouri St, Benton
Website: http://www.lacroixchurch.org
Sunday Worship: 9:15am and 11am
LaCroix Church (United Methodist)
3102 Lexington Ave., Cape Girardeau
Website: http://www.lacroixchurch.org
Saturday Worship 5:30pm
Sunday Worship 9:30am & 11:00am
Lakeside Worship Center (Non-Denominational)
7623 S. Hwy 25, Gordonville
Sunday School 9:30am
Sunday Worship 10:30am
Lighthouse Bible Baptist Church
2826 Independence St., Cape Girardeau
Website: http://www.lighthousecapegirardeau.org
Sunday School 10am
Sunday Worship 11am & 6pm
Wednesday Worship 7pm

Transportation Available
Lynwood Baptist Church (Southern Baptist)
2935 Lynwood Hills Drive, Cape Girardeau
Website: http://www.lynwoodbc.org
Join us Sunday for:
Bible Study 8:00, 9:00 and 10:30am
Worship 9:00am and 10:30am
Sunday 5:30pm - Discipleship Courses for all ages
Maple United Methodist Church
2441 Jean Ann Dr., Cape Girardeau
Website: http://maplechurch.org
Sunday School 9:00am
Sunday Worship 10:15am
Nursery Provided
Prayer Box Outside for prayers anytime!

North Cape Church of Christ
121 S. Broadview Drive, Cape Girardeau
Bible Study 9:30am
Sunday Worship 10:30am & 5pm CST / 6pm DST
Wednesday Bible Study 7pm
Old Saint Vincent's Roman Catholic Church
119 South Spanish, Cape Girardeau
Website: http://www.oldstvincents.org
Sunday 10:00am

Open for tours April thru September, Saturdays 12-4pm
For more information call 573-335-1631
Scriptural Evangelical Lutheran (ELS/WELS)
3587 County Road 635, Cape Girardeau
Sunday School/Bible Class 9:00am
Sunday Worship 10:00am
Shawnee Hills Baptist Church (Southern Baptist)
1204 Brandom, Jackson
Sunday School 9:30am
Sunday Worship 10:30am & 6:00pm
Wednesday Evening Prayer 7:00pm
Southside Baptist Church (Southern Baptist)
805 Hackberry St., Cape Girardeau
Wednesday Evening Bible Study 6:00pm
Sunday School 9:30am
Sunday Worship 10:30am
Sunday Evening Worship 5:30pm
St. Andrew Lutheran
804 N. Cape Rock Road, Cape Girardeau
Website: http://www.standrewcape.org
Sunday Traditional Service 8:00am & 10:35am
Sunday Contemporary Service 9:15am
Sunday Celebrate Recovery 6:00pm
St. John the Theologian Orthodox Christian Church
1930 Independence St. , Cape Girardeau
Website: http://www.stjohnsorthodoxchurch.com
Saturdays: Great Vespers - 5:00 p.m.
Sundays: Orthros - 8:45 a.m.
Divine Liturgy - 10:00 a.m. with coffee hour following
Reader’s Services
We also have reader’s services when the priest isn't with us.
Wednesdays: Reader’s Vespers - 6:00 p.m.
Orthodox Faith and Life - 6:45 p.m.
Sundays: Reader's Orthros - 8:45 a.m.
Typika - 10:00 a.m.
St. John's United Church of Christ
781 State Hwy. FF, Jackson
Website: http://www.ourchurch.com/member/s/StJohn...
Sunday School 9:00am
Sunday Worship 10:00am
St. Mark Lutheran Church
1900 Cape LaCroix, Cape Girardeau
Website: http://www.stmarkcape.org
Sunday School for All 9:00am
Sunday Worship Service with Communion for all 10:00am
St. Paul Lutheran Church
201 Gray St., Chaffee
Sunday Worship 8:00am
Sunday School & Bible Class 9:00am
St. Paul Lutheran Church
223 W. Adams, Jackson
Website: http://www.stpauljackson.com
Saturday evening Worship 6:00pm
Sunday Worship 7:45am & 9:15 am
Sunday Bible Class 9:15am
Sunday Contemporary Worship 10:45am
The Chuch of God (Church of God)
209 E. Cape Rock Drive, Cape Girardeau
Sunday School – 10 am
Sunday Morning Worship – 11 am
Sunday Evening Worship – 5:30 pm
Wednesday Bible Study – 7 pm
Trinity Lutheran Church
100 N. Frederick, Cape Girardeau
Website: http://www.t-lutheran.org
Saturday Worship 6:00pm
Sunday Worship 8:00am & 10:30am
Sunday School 9:15am
"Joyful Song" Blended Worship Service 10:30am (1st & 3rd Sun)
Trinity Lutheran Church Egypt Mills
5665 County Road 635, Cape Girardeau
Sunday Worship 7:45am & 10:00am
Sunday School & Bible Class 9:00am
Wesley United Methodist Church
142 Carnation Lane , Fruitland
Website: http://www.wesleyumcfruitland.com
Sunday School 9:15am
Church 10:30am
Zion Lutheran
176 County Road 226, Gordonville
Website: http://www.zionlutherangordonville.org
Sunday School/Bible Class 9:15am
Sunday Worship 10:15am
Wednesday Bible Study 7:00pm
Last Saturday of the month worship at 6pm
Zion United Methodist Church
3652 State Highway Z, Gordonville
Website: http://www.umcgordonvillezion.org
Sunday Worship 8:00am & 10:30am
Small Groups 9:15am