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Hot days, cool shades: Not all sunglasses are created equally - here's how to make sure your eyes are protected (06/28/15)
Protecting skin from the sun's harmful rays while frolicking in the sun is something that has become common knowledge during the past decade. What isn't discussed as frequently is the need to protect the eyes from those same dangerous ultraviolet rays...
Good genes: What parents-to-be should know about prenatal testing (06/28/15)
Ready for the leap into parenthood? If you have a family history of genetic abnormalities, or simply want peace of mind for the health of your baby, prenatal testing may be a consideration...
Summer snacks: Ideas for healthy, affordable snacks to keep on hand while kids are out of school (06/28/15)
When it comes to summer snacks for active children, experts tend to agree on a few points. "Fruits and vegetables are nature's perfect snack because they offer a variety of vitamins and minerals," says Amanda Bruenderman, registered dietitian and health educator at The Healthy Weigh of Saint Francis Medical Center. "Candy, gummies, roll-ups, chips and the like provide calories from added sugars and fats, without the nutrition," aka "empty calories."...
Get fit with your phone: Smartphone apps, other devices can help you stay fit and healthy (06/28/15)
How do you like to stay in shape -- walk? Cycle? Run? Swim? Cardio? Weights? Diet? Yoga? Dance? Shoot hoops? Hike? Garden? There's an app for that. Actually, there are many applications for your smartphone or other mobile device, and activity-tracking devices, too -- from chest straps, armbands and wristbands to clip-on monitors. They provide the ability to log daily activity, provide performance reports and compare your progress to that of your friends and even celebrities...
Change your mind about your ink? There are options for tattoo removal, lightening and coverup (06/28/15)
It's not unusual for people to change their minds after making a major decision, but cleaning up the aftermath is easier in some instances than in others. For those who have changed their minds about a tattoo they've had applied, it's not something that can be undone overnight...
Continuing care: Local medical systems focus on reducing hospital readmissions (06/28/15)
Hospitals across the country are focused on a similar mission: reducing the number of patients who, following treatment and discharge, are readmitted. As part of the Affordable Care Act, the national Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services, aka CMS, in October 2012 initiated guidelines and requirements to hospitals with the goal of reducing the volume of boomerang cases -- patients who, for whatever reason, are readmitted to the hospital within 30 days of discharge. ...
Germs, be gone! Five cleaning tips to banish germs from your kitchen (06/28/15)
Even the tidiest kitchens may be harboring harmful bacteria, and often where they're least expected. Paying more attention to a few often-overlooked places can help keep your household safer, experts say. For starters, home cooks should have four watchwords, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: clean, separate, cook and chill. ...
'Most of them are going to get better': Dr. Alan Barnette discusses his wholistic approach to caring for infants born prematurely (06/28/15)
In the summer of 1963, Patrick Bouvier Kennedy, son of President John F. Kennedy, was born five and a half weeks early and died two days later. Just 50 years ago, the state of neonatal care was such that a baby born at 34 weeks, even into the best possible medical environment, was fighting long odds...
Drink up: Easy tips to drink more water throughout the day (06/28/15)
You know drinking plenty of water every day is good for your health. The Institute of Medicine recommends men consume about 13 cups of fluid a day and women take in about 9 cups. Yet remembering to drink water may not always make the top of your daily to-do list...
Poison prevention: Avoid an accident by keeping chemicals, medications out of children's reach (06/28/15)
Nearly 1 million children younger than age 5 are exposed to potentially poisonous medications and household chemicals every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And more than 60,000 young children end up in the emergency room each year from wrongly ingesting medications...
Got a bite? Expert tips for preventing, treating tick bites (06/28/15)
Now is the season for hiking, camping, cookouts and outdoor playtime -- and the pesky critters that come with spending time outdoors. Tick season occurs from May to November in much of the United States...
Do not disturb: Ways to disconnect and relax during the day (06/28/15)
Americans rarely take the time to unplug during the work day. In fact, we spend just short of half the day in front of some type of screen, according to research by the Kaiser Family Foundation. The health benefits of relaxing away from digital technology are well documented, but it still is a challenge for many to find time for themselves. ...
On the move for recovery: Physical therapy a growing aspect of cancer treatment, recuperation (06/28/15)
Exercise is one of the best things we can do for our physical and mental health, and that doesn't change after a cancer diagnosis. "The American Cancer Society recommends walking five days a week, 30 minutes day. Sometimes that seems overwhelming to people, but it doesn't have to be 30 minutes straight -- it can be three bouts of 10 minutes a day," says Carrie Johnson, a physical therapist and certified lymphedema therapist at Saint Francis Medical Center...
Chaffee native's discovery could help save transplant patients' lives (06/23/15)
In 1973, Chaffee, Missouri, native Charlie Mantel earned a first-place ribbon at the Southeast Missouri Regional Science Fair for his research into the biochemical functions of the rosy gene in fruit flies. Now, more than 40 years later, a study conducted by Mantel and others at Indiana University has led to a discovery that could help save the lives of transplant patients...
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  • Clinton releases tax, medical records as emails made public
    WASHINGTON (AP) -- Hillary Rodham Clinton and her husband paid close to $44 million in federal taxes since 2007 and she is in "excellent physical condition," two facts that emerged in a flood of disclosures from the campaign of the Democratic presidential candidate.
  • Abortion supporters get help from courts in video fight
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Abortion rights advocates locked in a public relations battle with abortion opponents over videos of Planned Parenthood leaders discussing the use of aborted fetuses got some good news from two courts in California.
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    LONG BEACH, N.Y. (AP) -- At age 95, Lucille Horn often reflects on her long, full life, with a husband and five children, and how it might not have happened if not for the renegade doctor who put her in a Coney Island sideshow when she was just days old.
  • Clinton releases tax, health records on busy Friday
    WASHINGTON (AP) -- Hillary Rodham Clinton and her husband paid close to $44 million in federal taxes since 2007 and she is in "excellent physical condition" -- two facts that emerged Friday in a flood of disclosures about the Democratic presidential candidate pushed out by her campaign on a busy summer day.
  • 1st legal medical pot sold in Nevada 15 years after approval
    SPARKS, Nev. (AP) -- Fifteen years after Nevadans voted to legalize it, medical marijuana was sold legally in the state for the first time Friday at a dispensary in a strip mall about 5 miles east of downtown Reno.
  • UN Ebola mission winds down, WHO takes reins in West Africa
    LONDON (AP) -- The United Nations Mission for Ebola Emergency Response is officially winding down Friday, handing its leadership role and senior staff to the Geneva-based World Health Organization as efforts to contain the deadly virus continue.
  • Experimental Ebola vaccine could stop virus in West Africa
    LONDON (AP) -- An experimental Ebola vaccine tested on thousands of people in Guinea seems to work and might help shut down the waning epidemic in West Africa, according to interim results from a study published Friday.