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Why isn't my keyless fob unlocking my door?

Posted Sunday, August 5, 2012, at 11:32 AM

Today, I pulled out my keyless-entry car fob and pointed it at my hotel room door and pushed unlock. The door didn't open. I was so glad the hallway was empty. I'm doing things, thinking things that well... are scaring me.

Keyless-entry Fob Misuse -- Yes, the ones that come with our cars and trucks that are used to unlock them. I've pointed it at my doorknob at work -- it doesn't work. I have pointed it at the tv to turn it on. But I'm not alone. I saw a lady at the gym point it at her locker. She looked at me in horror -- realizing what she had done - ashamed and in fear. I said, "Don't worry, I've done it too. There's a meeting for us every Tuesday night in the basement. " She understood and felt better.

Fear of Cliffs - My husband and I drive everywhere. I mean to all parts of the US. Having lived in Alaska most of our lives, where you don't drive across state borders, we still get a thrill out of crossing state lines. Lately, while vacationing in Colorado, I have found myself totally horrified while driving around mountain cliffs. I mean horrified to the point of gripping the car-door armrest and practicing Lamaze. I didn't even use Lamaze in labor. My driver has been doing a fine job, it is me. Visions of careening off a cliff in our rental car, exploding at the end, too many movies are stored in my long term. Leaving little room for what should be stored at least in short term memory.

Crying - Watching Hallmark movies and crying. Watching people triumph and crying. Watching the Olympics and crying. Watching the little kids sitting in a lemonade stand in my neighborhood and crying. Watching my dog stare at me lovingly and crying.

Vintage TV -- I've started telling people that what is wrong with the world is there aren't any shows like The Waltons, Little House on the Prairie, or After School Specials. Didn't we all learn from those? Great messages -- life has problems, life has conflict, we deal with it, love and/or respect each other. At the end of the day we tell each other good night and go to sleep at a reasonable hour without the aid of sleeping medication.

Checking My Door -- I check my door, making sure it is locked -- countless times. I have a problem of not really knowing if my front door, garage door, patio door, whatever door I've exited is closed and locked. Life has taught me a cruel lesson that if the door isn't shut and locked, unwanted people and critters come in or the dog gets out and roams around all day. I have actually left my house and turned the car around a mile down the road to swing back by and make sure the garage door is down.

Considering a Different Neighborhood -- I used to make fun of this place in Arizona that I visited once. It was named something like Zahlia or Daisy (some kind of flower that is sturdy but fun and been around for a while) it was a retirement community. Pool, tennis courts, beautiful small homes, and a year round gardener were some of the perks. The covenants included only having visitors stay with you for a maximum of two weeks. People with children, that's right children, were STRONGLY DISCOURAGED from living in this community. I like children; maybe I'll have grandchildren in a few years. Why am I thinking about Zahlia or Daisy? Why do I care if the neighbor's kids are stealing my college-aged kid's John Deere pedal -tractor -- proudly displayed in my flower garden with a pot of flowers on the seat? They take it without permission, ride it down the street and leave it there. I should be more tolerant of unattended children and less attached to sentimental things that remind me of the good ol' days when my kids were happy to ride the tractor and drink Kool-Aid made with real sugar.

One of these days after watching Perry Mason win again and crying about the victory for the unjustly accused, I'm going to point my keyless fob at the tv and it is going to turn off. I'm going to back my car out of the garage and run over the displaced tractor. After dislodging the tractor from my bumper, I'm going to forget to shut the garage door as I drive off into the sunset to look at a new home in a subdivision called Daffodil. I'll become distracted by the sunset's beauty and miss the curve on the farm road (SE MO doesn't have cliffs) and wreck my car. My husband won't be mad because we have insurance. At the end of the day, we'll yell goodnight to our grandkids. I'll fall right to sleep.

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Great as always!

-- Posted by dmtalley on Sun, Aug 5, 2012, at 11:45 AM

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