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Sixteen Candles - A Legacy
Posted Friday, August 23, at 8:37 AM
It was 1997, sixteen years ago, when a number of us got together and started talking about how to improve services to adult and child victims of sexual violence. Let me take you back to that time...the closest rape crisis center was Carbondale Illinois, the closest child advocacy center was St Louis or Springfield, Missouri. ...

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Newtown, CT. What do we do now?
Posted Thursday, December 27, at 2:35 PM

It has been almost two weeks since the mass killing of twenty children and six adults at Sandy Hook elementary school. It is surreal. The whole event is surreal. I can only imagine the pain and trauma the families of these victims feel. The unimaginable has occurred and their lives will never be the same...

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Shock Radio and Reality TV
Posted Tuesday, December 11, at 12:56 PM

I don't know about you all but I think I've had enough of "reality" for a while. All these "Housewives" shows, where the women are not like any housewives I know; or people being on islands and kicked off islands is just nothing like my reality. Most people I know are too busy working, taking care of their families and trying to make ends meet to worry about what to wear to the next dinner party where someone yells at someone else, turns over a table, while a camera records their every move. ...

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267 pages
Posted Thursday, July 12, at 4:39 PM

Today the much anticipated report of the Penn State scandal was released. The 267 page report details the layers of conversations, emails, actions and inaction, that allowed the abuse of children to continue with so many adults' knowledge. No one, not one of them stepped forward to protect the kids,(other than Mike McQueary). ...

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Posted Wednesday, July 11, at 2:28 PM

So many stories have been in the media recently regarding bullying...not only kids bullying kids but kids bullying adults. Remember the story of the kids bullying the bus monitor? I know this is not a new behavior, kids have been bullied and bullying others for generations. I know it certainly happened in my schools and I know it happens to kids here in area schools...

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Child Maltreatment in Indian Country, a Brief History
Posted Wednesday, September 21, at 5:25 PM

As I promised in my last blog I am providing more information on child abuse among Native Americans. I look forward to your comments and feeback. Namaste, Tammy. Below are excerpts from a Native America Children's Alliance publication. For the entire article and the sources go to www.nativechildalliance.org and click on Resources...

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Native American Children's Alliance and child abuse
Posted Friday, September 16, at 3:57 PM

It has been a while since I wrote on my blog. I apologize for the delay, but much has been happening. I won't go into all the details but will share one exciting new chapter in my life. I was recently nominated for and accepted to sit on the national board of the Native American Children's Alliance (www.nativechildalliance.org)and am honored to serve this organization...

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Remove your hat please
Posted Thursday, June 16, at 10:55 AM

This Sunday is Father's Day. My second one without my dad, I miss him. He was an old fashioned, simple country boy/man who loved the simple life. There are so many things I remember about my dad, his big hands, his strong work ethic, his love of country music, his laugh and his big heart. ...

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Good Moms can be found if we look for them.
Posted Friday, May 6, at 11:08 AM

Sunday is Mother's Day. Happy Mother's Day to all moms, biological, adoptive or adopted. I heard a report a few years back that this is the busiest day of the year for phone companies. Everyone calls their mom on this day to pay homage to her. While this day brings joy to so many children it can be a day of sadness for those whose mother has passed or a day of trauma and angst for those whose mother brought terror and or abuse to their lives. ...

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A Rose by any other name is Beacon.
Posted Monday, April 11, at 4:43 PM

Since 1987, the agency I have had the honor of running, has been called the Southeast Missouri Network Against Sexual Violence often shortened to NASV. The name of the agency served its purpose in that it right up front stated that sexual violence exists, it exists in southeast Missouri and many of us are working to address its many causes and effects...

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Aaron Tippin the Philosopher
Posted Wednesday, March 2, at 4:52 PM

I was raised on music and mostly classic country. The songs of Dave Dudley, Hank Sr. Loretta, Tammy, Roy Acuff, Eddy Arnold and many more filled the air of my childhood homes. There were many ups and downs in my younger years, but the constants were family, music and the values of hard work, honesty and integrity. I am confident that my early years drove my decision to become a social worker (although I initially was a pre law major), either way I knew I would be in a helping profession...

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Tucson, a nation wounded.
Posted Monday, January 10, at 11:46 AM

I was speechless. My heart sank. Yet another act of violence. Lives unfulfilled. A childhood interrupted. Families destroyed. Loved ones gone. They all started the day with plans to attend the Giffords' rally or maybe they were just out grocery shopping, oblivious to the fact that a politician would be there for a community event. ...

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All I want for Christmas is the Goodyear Holiday Album
Posted Friday, December 10, at 2:35 PM

I love music and I especially love holiday music. When I was growing up in Herrin, Illinois I was very active in choir from 2nd through 12th grade. All of the music teachers in the Herrin district were excellent. We had all kinds of special choirs for various events and celebrations, but my favorite choirs were for the Christmas holiday season. We learned so many great songs and to this day I remember most all of them...

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A Happy Childhood - Something for which to be Thankful
Posted Wednesday, November 24, at 5:18 PM

Tomorrow will be a day filled with turkey, dressing, dumplings, pie, cake, bread and lots of football. For most of us the day will be fun. We will be with family and friends laughing and enjoying each other's company. It will truly be a day of thanks giving. Our homes will be filled with adults, behaving as responsible adults, who through years of enacting tradition will create happy memories for the next generation...

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Child Abduction Alert - November 19, 2010
Posted Friday, November 19, at 5:13 PM

Jennings (KMOV.com) -- Police in Jennings, Missouri have issued St. Louis Regional Abduction Alert (S.A.R.A.A.) for missing toddler. Police tell News 4 that they are searching for 1-year-old Cortez Beasley. Police say the little boy was with his mother and another woman while shopping at the Target store in the 8700 block of West Florissant...

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Center for Effective Discipline
Posted Friday, November 19, at 1:22 PM

Here is a flyer I recently received. It is filled with great information/links to organizations that support non violence against children. Namaste, Tammy 19 November 2010 WORLD DAY PREVENTION CHILD ABUSE sponsored by Women's World Summit Foundation...

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Sexual Violence Survivors Support Group
Posted Tuesday, November 16, at 2:56 PM

Starting this Friday, November 19th, from 5pm - 6pm the agency will be holding a support group for adults who are survivors of sexual violence. The group is free of charge but pre registration is required by calling 573/332-1900. If you or someone you know could benefit from this service please contact the agency for assistance...

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A Crime Without Consequence
Posted Friday, November 12, at 9:17 AM

This article is reprinted in its entirety from the website of RAINN. The Senate Judiciary Committee this month took on the disturbing topic of the reporting and prosecution of rape cases -- or, more accurately, the lack of reporting and prosecution. ...

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Child Abductions
Posted Tuesday, November 9, at 3:09 PM

This week the Elizabeth Smart abduction case is back in the news. Her abductor is finally standing trial. This, I promise you, is a time of mixed emotions for Elizabeth and her family. It is the past, dredged up again; it is the horror of facing the person who held her captive and abused her in many ways; it is a time of gratitude from her and her family that she is home again and safe...it is an emotional roller coaster that only she and her family can truly understand...

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The Devil is in the Detail
Posted Tuesday, October 26, at 6:55 PM

Being detail oriented is a gift, especially for those of us who are big picture people. We absolutely need others around us who delve into the minutia. But, are there times that giving a lot of detail is too much? That question has been raised by readers of this paper regarding the recent story about Dr. ...

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