f/8 and Be There by Fred Lynch http://www.semissourian.com/blogs/flynch/ en-us Bruce Thomas, SEMO State wrestler http://www.semissourian.com/blogs/flynch/entry/67805 Jan. 16, 1977 Southeast Missourian SEMO State University's premier heavyweight wrestler, Bruce Thomas, left, and Maryville's Mike Papino square off in a match at Houck Field House Saturday afternoon. Thomas won the match. The Indian heavyweight won two matches Saturday, the second against Kirksville, to run his season's record to 10-1. The Indians lost both ends of the double-dual, 24-12 to Maryville, and 24-15 to Kirksville. Maryville won over Kirksville, 30-9. Indian Randy... Wed, 18 Jan 2017 00:00:37 -0600 Old St. Francis Hospital becomes University Hall http://www.semissourian.com/blogs/flynch/entry/67733 Jan. 14, 1977 Southeast Missourian Miss Barb Carter and Miss Fancy Accardi run from University Hall to a waiting van that will transport them to their classes at SEMO State University. In photo below, Miss Debbie Grubb studies on the floor in her room. (Fred Lynch photos) The old St. Francis Hospital has taken on a new title, University Hall, or as the students call it, "U-Hall." Jan. 14, 1977 Southeast Missourian __SEMO coeds take over old hospital__ The halls of old... Mon, 16 Jan 2017 00:00:00 -0600 Coke sign revealed on former Vandeven Mercantile http://www.semissourian.com/blogs/flynch/entry/67750 Dec. 21, 1986 Southeast Missourian Workers with Fitzsimmons Tuckpointing tear off the brick veneer surface on the Craftsman Office Supply building to reveal a 50-year-old Coca-Cola sign. The workmen are preparing to sandblast the building this week. (Mark Sterkel photo) Renovation uncovers 50-year-old sign on side of local business CAPE GIRARDEAU - A hidden treasure was found by renovators at Craftsman Office Supply, 835 Broadway, last week. As they were tearing a brick veneer off the... Wed, 11 Jan 2017 00:00:48 -0600 SEMO University Museum opens in Memorial Hall http://www.semissourian.com/blogs/flynch/entry/67646 Dec. 5, 1976 Southeast Missourian The new SEMO State University Museum, a contemporary setting for a glimpse into the past. Below, museum director James V. Parker holds an Apache basket, a contrast to the bright, contemporary art hanging above it. Dr. Robert E. Leestamper, president of SEMO State University, admires one of the museum's major works, "Indian in Canoe," by Fritz Scholder. Below, pieces from the Beckwith Collection, a museum focal point. Dec. 5, 1976... Mon, 09 Jan 2017 00:00:11 -0600 Louie Hirschowitz leaving? http://www.semissourian.com/blogs/flynch/entry/67632 Dec. 30, 1986 Southeast Missourian Louie Hirschowitz, retiring Scott County presiding commissioner, shows off a mantel clock he received Monday from county officials and employees in recognition of his 16 years of service in county government. __Hirschowitz is marking his time, vows a return to political life__ By Mark Bliss BENTON - Scott County Presiding Commissioner Louie Hirschowitz spent Monday saying hello to a lot of people who were telling him goodbye. For 16 years,... Wed, 04 Jan 2017 00:00:18 -0600 Alvin F. Klaus Park http://www.semissourian.com/blogs/flynch/entry/67951 Gabrielle Renner leads a group of racers during the Cyclewerx Crankfest 2011 on Aug. 21, 2011 at Klaus Park. (Fred Lynch photo) {http://www.semissourian.com/gallery/8815 Photo gallery: Cyclewerx Crankfest 2011} {https://youtu.be/giavUkXlrJc Video: Cyclewerx Crankfest 2011} {http://www.semissourian.com/story/1755110.html Bicyclists come out for race at Klaus Park} ----------------------------------- Oct. 29, 1966 Southeast Missourian __To Attend Klaus Park... Mon, 02 Jan 2017 00:00:01 -0600 Postmaster Wilver Wessel retires http://www.semissourian.com/blogs/flynch/entry/67643 Dec. 31, 1981 Southeast Missourian Wilver Wessel, Cape Girardeau postmaster, will come to work for the last time Jan. 8. Wessel, 62, is retiring after more than four decades of service with the U.S. Postal Service, all of it in Cape Girardeau. __Retiring postmaster just 'realigning priorities'__ By Greg Sellnow Ever since he was 19, Wilver Wessel has been a slave to the alarm clock. For 44 years it has stirred him from sleep at hours familiar to quick-shop clerks, hospital nurses... Wed, 28 Dec 2016 00:00:47 -0600 Traffic cop conductor http://www.semissourian.com/blogs/flynch/entry/67663 Dec. 27, 1972 Southeast Missourian One of the unsung heroes of the Christmas shopping season has got to be the traffic cop. In this case it's Sgt. Burl R. Statler. Tuesday afternoon he manned the corner he has appeared at regularly during the shopping season, conducting the traffic through one of Cape Girardeau's busiest intersections--Broadway and Main streets. At times, Sgt. Statler was virtually up to his ears in traffic, though he unsnarled the autos with the grace of... Mon, 26 Dec 2016 00:00:05 -0600 Fire damages Cape Hotel, Cape Cut Rate http://www.semissourian.com/blogs/flynch/entry/67645 Nov. 26, 1976 Southeast Missourian Fire severely damaged the Cape Hotel and the Cape Cut Rate drugstore beneath it at the southwest corner of Broadway and Sprigg street in Cape Girardeau. Fire reached into the second and third floors of the hotel, where firefighter Jim Niswonger, below, examines a room. The resident had tied a string of sheets to the bedpost in an attempt to escape the blaze. In bottom photo, broken glass and burned merchandise litter the charred drugstore. Nov.... Wed, 21 Dec 2016 00:00:44 -0600 School bus stops for Anna Keller http://www.semissourian.com/blogs/flynch/entry/67556 Dec. 16, 1981 Southeast Missourian Each morning 83-year-old Mrs. Anna Keller, who lives at 302 North Park, walks out onto her front porch and waves to the children in the school buses as they pass on their way to Schultz School. Today, one of the buses stopped and the children presented Mrs. Keller with gifts. Above, Steve Brown, left, Billy Bierschwal and Wendy Brown present the gifts to her. Below, Mrs. Keller waves to the children as they get back on the bus. (Fred Lynch... Mon, 19 Dec 2016 00:00:28 -0600 Country Spanish Shop http://www.semissourian.com/blogs/flynch/entry/67712 Mrs. Kergious Crites poses for a photo in the Country Spanish Shop in 1976. Dec. 1, 1976 Southeast Missourian People: Mrs. Kergious Crites By Mary L. Spell A woman used to making things with her hands simply scrubbed a barn with her hands until it shone. Mrs. Kergious (Mary) Crites, with the help of her husband, began making handmade items in her home several years ago to fill up her spare time. Now, she has to escape to her home to find any time at all. Her... Wed, 14 Dec 2016 00:00:40 -0600 Lake proposed north of Cape Girardeau http://www.semissourian.com/blogs/flynch/entry/67587 Dec. 8, 1986 Southeast Missourian Jackson Mayor Carlton Meyer, standing, representing Cape Girardeau and Jackson civic leaders, presents a proposal to the Cape Girardeau County Commission this morning for development of a lake. The commissioners, from left, are Gene Huckstep, Leonard Sander and J. Ronald Fischer. (Mark Sterkel photo) Dec. 8, 1986 Southeast Missourian JACKSON - Plans for a proposed 1,250-acre community recreational lake complex that would be built at a cost of... Mon, 12 Dec 2016 00:00:23 -0600 Fire Chief Charles Mills, a Pearl Harbor survivor http://www.semissourian.com/blogs/flynch/entry/67590 Editor's note: Cape Girardeau fire chief Charles Mills had served six years in the U.S. Navy, 1940-1946, before joining the Cape Girardeau Fire Department on Feb. 22, 1949. After promotions to captain and assistant chief, he became fire chief on Feb. 12, 1974. He retired in 1985. The photo was taken October, 1980. Dec. 7, 1981 Southeast Missourian "They came out of the sun" By Greg Sellnow "Now boys, remember when they come, they'll come out... Wed, 07 Dec 2016 00:00:41 -0600 Tree of Lights at Hirsch Tower http://www.semissourian.com/blogs/flynch/entry/67627 Dec. 2, 1976 Southeast Missourian Capt. Harry Litherland of the Salvation Army, left, speaks briefly at the official lighting of the Tree of Lights Wednesday morning in front of the Hirsch Tower building on Broadway. The Central Junior High School Choir participated in the ceremony. Members of the choir and their director, Mrs. Jim Lohr, are pictured at right. Donations of $5 will light a colored light on the tree, and a $10 donation will light a white light. (Fred Lynch photo) Mon, 05 Dec 2016 00:00:05 -0600 Capaha locomotive asbestos removed http://www.semissourian.com/blogs/flynch/entry/67491 Dec. 3, 1986 Southeast Missourian Above, Carl Koessel, one of the workers who will help with the asbestos removal, and Jack Richey, with United Thermal Industries of Marion, Illinois, look over the locomotive at Capaha Park before building the structure which will surround the locomotive during the actual asbestos removal. Below, Lenny Essner of the Local 1770 Carpenters Union removes parts of the old locomotive at Capaha Park in preparation for removal of the asbestos. Work began... Wed, 30 Nov 2016 00:00:27 -0600 New Interstate 55 affects Highway 61 business http://www.semissourian.com/blogs/flynch/entry/67555 Sept. 7, 1972 Southeast Missourian Opening of Interstate 55 from Fruitland to Brewer has curbed the heavy volume of business along Highway 61, but to some it offers long-awaited solitude. Orville Holcomb, above, owner of Holcomb's Red Barn, an antique shop three miles north of Fruitland, enjoys a relaxing moment outside his business without the steady hum of passing trucks and cars. Below, Howard McCain pumps gas at Cape County Oil Co., Fruitland, which reports an 80 per cent... Mon, 28 Nov 2016 00:00:18 -0600 Circus parade on Broadway http://www.semissourian.com/blogs/flynch/entry/66641 Oct. 11, 1981 Southeast Missourian The Franzen Brothers Circus came to Cape Girardeau Saturday, kicking off with an old-fashioned parade from Capaha Park to Arena Park. Above, an elephant performs for onlookers along Broadway at the urging of trainer Wayne Franzen. Below, Justin Cannon, the six-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Cannon, is greeted by one of the many friendly clowns who took part in the parade. The circus was sponsored by the Cape Girardeau Shrine Club, whose members walked... Wed, 23 Nov 2016 00:00:20 -0600 Fonnie Jones painted Main Street http://www.semissourian.com/blogs/flynch/entry/67490 May 23, 1976 Southeast Missourian There is only one man in Cape Girardeau who can lay claim to having painted every building on Main street, and he is Fonnie Jones. Above, he works on a Main street building. Above, Fonnie Jones works at Broadway and Main streets. Below, he enjoys the view of the Mississippi River while working on top of the floodwall. (Gordon L. McBride photos) In the distance is the Mayflower weather vane which Fonnie Jones has painted a number of times... Mon, 21 Nov 2016 00:00:40 -0600 Jackson's Rotary Lake dedicated http://www.semissourian.com/blogs/flynch/entry/67388 Aug. 27, 1976 Southeast Missourian Thank-you messages to the Jackson Rotary Club were plentiful Thursday night when the new 10-acre lake in Jackson City Park was dedicated. The lake was built by the Rotarians at a cost of $11,000, and the crowd attending the ceremony heard Mayor Carlton Meyer and Mrs. Mysie Keene, Jackson Park Board chairman, express appreciation to the club. Dr. T. Wayne Lewis, club president, christened the lake, which will be stocked with fish next year and should be... Wed, 16 Nov 2016 00:00:56 -0600 Independence Street tracks removed http://www.semissourian.com/blogs/flynch/entry/67427 Nov. 7, 1986 Southeast Missourian Removal of the Independence Street railroad tracks is underway in Cape Girardeau. The rail line, which runs partially down the middle of Independence Street, was abandoned last year. For years, it has created hazardous driving along that stretch of road. See story below. (David Hente photo) Nov. 7, 1986 Southeast Missourian __Independence rail removal begins__ By David Hente The long-awaited removal of the abandoned Missouri... Mon, 14 Nov 2016 00:00:19 -0600