Recent comments: f/8 and Be There by Fred Lynch en-us By thecapeduck -- Bill Coomer, magician Is this the same that tried his hand at teaching at Capes Jr. High in the late 60's? Tue, 18 Oct 2016 19:50:25 -0500 By Granmammy -- 'SEMO Red' university mascot In the Fall of 1987 I know for a fact that Princess Ohtaki and Chief Sagamore led the Marching Golden Eagles onto the field for pregame. I was in the band and well remember it! And it was no laughing matter - they were represented as solemn, strong individuals. Nobody was doing ANY harm with them as mascots and it NEVER should have been abandoned due to social pressures. This country is going to implode one of these days because good people do nothing but cave into louder ones. Thu, 13 Oct 2016 07:57:50 -0500