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Fred Lynch

Rush H. Limbaugh III in kindergarten

Posted Monday, July 26, 2010, at 7:30 AM

Radio personality Rush Limbaugh grew up in Cape Girardeau. He, like many, can count an encounter with One Shot Frony, who snapped a picture of Limbaugh's kindergarten class that was published in the Southeast Missourian on April 21, 1956. Limbaugh is inset below.

The photo caption leaves some doubt as to the identification order. With so many youngsters, taking notes must have been a daunting task after shooting the photo.

I checked with David Limbaugh, who is two years younger than his brother. He could identify most of the children in the photo and agreed that the order was confusing.

Here is the caption:

It's outside for kindergarten. Members of the morning kindergarten class at College Elementary School enjoy a morning of sunshine as they play in open air quarters, back of the school building on the State College campus. Here they ride a wooden train, play with a goat kid and use other vehicles in their play. Riding, from the left, are Charles Short, Tom Otto, Roger Rowan, Taylor Boyd, Eloise Phillips, Donnie Cotner, Rush Limbaugh III, Ann Mollenhour, James Kinder, Mar Harper, Martha Vogel, Mike Trickey and Jon Paul Hall. In foreground, Tom Mahy, Tim Tipton, Becky Blattner, Mary Kay Gerhardt, Alan Hecht and Bob Aubuchon. (Photo by G.D. Fronabarger)

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