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Posted Wednesday, September 19, 2012, at 10:04 AM

MAC Cosmetics in 'Star Violet'
The Eyes Have It-

I'm a cold weather girl. I always have been. Fall and winter make me smile. The cool air puts a spring in my step. It's invigorating. I just can't help but love the cozy sweaters, crock pot food, and the sound of leaves crunching under foot. And, like most women, the changing seasons leads to a semi-annual closet update. It means trying on last year's pants and hoping that they still fit! It's moving gauze maxi skirts and linen blouses to the back of the closet and jeans, scarves and boots to the front. For me, it also entails reorganizing my vastly abundant make-up area. Notice I didn't say make-up drawer. That's because I have just a wee bit of an issue when it comes to cosmetics. I love, love, love them! They always fit. They're fun to play with. And they're a fast pick-me-up. Seriously, in the middle of the day, when I'm dragging, there's nothing like a fresh diet soda and a new lippie to perk me right up. Besides, changing cosmetic formulas and colors with the seasons is a necessity. Oily skin gets dryer. Lips get cracked. Clothes move towards black, cream, tan and grey. It makes perfect sense to change things up, right? What worked in summer, on tanned skin and sun bleached hair, doesn't seem to hold the same appeal once the days grow cooler. Shimmery greens and coral eyeshadows fade to soft grey, smoky purples, taupes and icy blues. So, with that in mind, I'm posting some of my personal favorite shadow colors for autumn, along with duplicate colors that can be found in many local stores. As a self proclaimed MAC Cosmetics addict, finding duplicates that are readily available in Cape, is a must. MAC can be found in St. Louis and other large cities as well as on line. But, sometimes I don't want to wait on a road trip to St. Louis or mail delivery. If you're a fellow cosmetic hoarder, you understand my need for variety and immediate gratification. If I'm feeling thrifty, I head to Wal-Mart, Target or Walgreens. If I need something a bit higher end, and want to sample a product, I make a stop at Sephora inside of JC Penny. (I think I smiled for a month when I found out that Cape was getting a Sephora!)

Keep in mind that the colors I've listed work for my medium skin tone, hazel eyes, and dishwater blond hair color. To find hues that suit you, visit a make-up counter at the mall, or visit Sephora for application advice and formula suggestions. And remember, every season comes with crazy trends. Just because something shows on the runways of New York doesn't make it 'pretty'. You can still incorporate the latest must haves by going light with application and knowing your own personal style. A 'peacock' colored eye shadow design at New York's Fashion Week can be pared down by blending subtle pinks with matte browns and lining with a pop of color like teal green or sky blue. And remember to have fun. The great thing about cosmetics is, if you don't like it, you can wipe it off and apply it again.

Now snuggle up, grab a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy panning through my personal autumn favorites. Share some of your favorite colors and make-up application tips with me too.

MAC Cosmetics Brand:

Moon's Reflections duplicate is Wet 'n' Wild Brand in 'Fly me to the Moon': A sheer but buildable, icy blue frost. This is not your 1970's blue eye shadow nightmare.

Star Violet duplicate is Maybelline 'Time for Wine': A nice, buildable, burgundy. Good for use in the outer crease of your eyelid.

Electra duplicate is L'Oreal HIP 'Platinum #906' or Wet 'n' Wild Brand in 'Enter a New Realm'. These are shimmery silvers and can be used on the lid as a sheer wash of color or in the crease if you really load up your brush and layer the product.

Bark duplicate is Maybelline 'Tough as Taupe' Color Tattoo: A darkish, bronzy brown, it can be used in the crease and if used heavy handed, can be blended out for a smoky, evening eye.

Satin Taupe duplicate is Jordana 'Over the Taupe': Bronze/Taupe for all over lid wash of color or in lid crease. This is beautiful with light matte blues or darker browns.

Venetian Tarnish Metal duplicate is Maybelline 'Bad to the Bronze' Color Tattoo: Beautiful, buildable gold/bronze. Go lightly as an all over lid wash or build in the lid crease for depth.

Brule duplicate is Sephora 'Universal Beige 08'. This is a matte finished color that makes a wonderful highlighter under your brow, or to use as a base all over your lid before applying other colors.

*Maybelline Color Tattoos are a cream formula eye shadow that can be applied lightly with your finger tip, tapping on the color, for light coverage or with a stiff shadow brush for heavier more opaque coverage. The Color Tattoo shadows wear for hours without fading or creasing, and I really like the price point as well as the color selection.

Navy, plum, black and grey eyeliners work on just about everyone. If you like a blendable, waterproof, smudge liner pin, try Sephora Retractable Waterproof liner. The price is reasonable, they come in a wide variety of standard as well as trendy colors, and they wear very well. Jordana also makes a great eyeliner pencil. They're fairly soft, so they don't drag on the eye lid during application, and at under $5.00 its worth buying in several colors. Powdered shadows can also be used as liners. Simply wet a thin brush with a bit of contact lens solution or eye drops. Then, rub the brush through the powered shadow and viola! You have a liquid liner.

If you want to try a buildable formula, lengthening mascara, MAC Cosmetics Extended Play is very good, as is L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes. For super thick, dramatic lashes at a drug store price point, try Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara. You may have to make a few trips to find it though. It's usually sold out. Priced at under $3.00 you can't go wrong with this one.

And one last thing before I head out to find the latest and greatest fall color palette. Please purchase a decent eye shadow brush and blend-blend-blend your shadows. The little sponge applicator that comes in eye shadows is a complete waste of time, leaving uneven color, unblended edges and excess oils on your skin. Using a feathery shadow brush or blending crease brush, whether $5 or $50, can make a huge difference in your shadow application, color payoff and length of wear. Try Sally's Beauty Supply or look over Sonia Kashuk's brushes at Target. Both places offer a nice variety of choices.

Like the commercial says, 'You're worth it!'

Tip**Applying a light amount of foundation or under eye concealer to your eyelid will help keep the natural oils to a minimum on your lids therefore helping shadows and liners last longer!

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My little make up junkie!

-- Posted by tdietrich1972 on Wed, Sep 19, 2012, at 10:27 AM

aaah...make up...you are so right....a new lippie and a diet Coke can make a bad day not seem so bad after all; I discovered MAC while in Nashville years ago...I don't have a make-up drawer either, rather a make-up CHEST of drawers. I love lipstick so much I sometimes find I have purchased the exact color I already have. I tend to go to the same shades...my daughter never has to buy make-up because I always have mistakes I buy for myself to give to her...or she comes over and asks if she can go "shopping" in my make-up room. Carrying that little bag out of the cosmetic department is very empowering.

-- Posted by Agnes on Fri, Sep 21, 2012, at 2:58 PM

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