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"Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste...."

Posted Thursday, July 19, 2012, at 12:19 PM

Cheap High Heels and a Hot Flash

Actually, I'm a woman of the struggling middle class and my taste runs much higher than my credit limit. Next year, I'll turn the big five-o. I am married to a wonderfully tolerant man and together, we have five kids, all of whom have basically flown the coop. In my professional life, I am a fundraiser for a local hospital and I take great satisfaction in knowing that what I do helps so many needy patients and their families. At home, I am the mom of two critters, a sweet female boxer and an insane Chocolate Labrador.

Writing has been something that I have always enjoyed doing. Growing up, I had a manual typewriter. I would spend hours pounding out papers for school and at one point I stopped handwriting in a diary and began typing it out instead. Something about the sound of the typewriters keys was quite soothing. Raising a large brood of kids didn't allow for much free time, so my writing was pushed aside. Now, I have an abundance of empty hours, so, I'm back at it. This time, I'm hearing the click-click-click of a keyboard instead of the manual keys and 'ding' at the end of the typewriter margins.

You'll find that my blog is often more of a story telling site or a place for me to vent my opinions about social issues, than it is a mere discussion. I'll have posts and reviews on cosmetics, because I am a make-up junkie. On occasion, I write about my children and their adventures. And, I often write stories about my dogs, primarily the crazy Lab, Mr. Riley.

I've been told that I am loud, opinionated, outgoing, animated, somewhat stubborn, giving, soft hearted and funny. I would tend to agree with those descriptions. I take great pride in my Italian heritage and I love making people laugh. I hope the humor in my stories translates to a smile on your face.

This blog is called Cheap High Heels and a Hot Flash, because at this stage of my life, the title fits. Five years ago it could have been called, 'Everything is still Perky'. Five years from now, I may change the title to 'Arthritic Knees and Rock'n Some Blinged-Out Flats'. Who knows? What I can say, with certainty, is that I need a 12 step program for my cosmetic and hair product obsession. I never met a pair of cheap high heeled shoes that I didn't like. And if I had money, I'd take a trip to Italy, move to a cooler climate, play in the snow, buy a house with acreage and fill it with horses, a barn, lots of Boxer dogs. I'd also have one heck of a make-up mirror!

I hope you enjoy my writing.


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Really enjoyed this blog. Funny, and sounds like a really down to earth lady. Can't wait to read more.

-- Posted by Big Cissy on Mon, Jul 23, 2012, at 3:15 PM

I'm a bit older than you, but some things through the saga of life never change. I firmly believe that "boobs" were just another manifestation of God's sense of humor. And yes, we all wanted cleavage & were pretty much willing to do whatever it took; back in my day it was creams, tonics, special appraratuses etc., yet inevitably those glands were pretty much a product of genes. My family was poor (at least we fell into that definition back then) & I was the oldest of a herd of "Catholic" offspring born within a short period of time. So, my "problem" with small, whatever you want to call, them was trivial. I knew at an early age, if I wanted anything in life, I would have to go out, get a job, & earn it. So, whenever implants were introduced, I had to do the old left hand, right hand weight analysis. Left hand - boob job; Right hand - a tour overseas. I went for the trip. Don't regret it to this day, because in this crazy world we're living, I wouldn't dare travel there right now. I'm more tore up about that than all the breatsuses in the world & quite honestly, what they were created for in the first place (at least with the human species) they're rarely even being utilized. And I'm way past that stage. So, these days I'm grateful as hell that I don't have them "major headlights". I can't stand to wear a bra no matter whether it's a one snap or a 3 snap. Out of respect I will wear it town, but as soon as I hit my door I'm reaching up through the back of my shirt & releasing those babies. I can only have empathy with you well endowed women. Hot flashes for most will be temporary - Gravity is forever. LOVED your article - so did my husband. You have a gift. Maxie

-- Posted by Maxie on Wed, Jul 25, 2012, at 6:13 PM

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Cheap High Heels and a Hot Flash
Cheryl Dietrich
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I write about my pets, social issues, my children and just about anything that comes to mind. I am a Kansas City girl, born and raised. I am married and the mother of 5 wonderful children. The big 5-0 is just around the corner, but in my mind, I'm still a kid. I've always loved to write. My insane Chocolate Lab, 'Mr. Riley', is usually my favorite topic. But, I do have some social issues that are near and dear to my heart. I enjoy making people laugh. As a child, I was always the class clown. Not much has changed. I've been told that I'm loud and a bit sarcastic. That I don't disagree with. My sense of humor and big personality likely comes from my mother and my bigger than life Italian family. I consider myself to be a happy and fullfilled person with a bit of a stubborn streak and a very soft heart when it comes to children and animals. I am a devoted K.C. Chiefs fan. Whether we win or lose, and it's been mostly losses in the past few seasons, you'll find me screaming at the television and cheering on my team. After a win, I proudly display a Chiefs flag on my car window. I am a make-up and shoe junkie and consider ice cream to be a complete food group all of its own.
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"Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste...."
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