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Thursday, Dec. 18, 2014
Father, daughter share love of nature through art (12/12/14)

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Trout season begins Nov. 1 (10/22/14)

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The glade as a Missouri Ozarks treasure (10/06/14)

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Avoid harmful hitchhikers: Ticks (05/30/14)

Luna moths are active (05/19/14)

Heavy rains impact wildlife, demonstrate value of wetlands (05/15/14)

Merging river life and city life (05/05/14)

Swampers and Sunshine (03/28/14)

Primitive is popular: Get with the times at the Cape Girardeau Nature Center (03/05/14)

Native Plant Seminar means spring is near (02/24/14)

Coniglio, lapin or rabbit, all are delicious (02/07/14)

Nature warms the cold spirit (01/24/14)

Keeping 'Old Man Winter' at bay (01/17/14)

Warm up with Nature Center activities (12/12/13)

Winter offers a new view of nature (12/02/13)

Taking deer season to the kitchen (11/14/13)

A deer harvest story (11/05/13) 1

Lichen this on Facebook (10/30/13)

Alien Invaders in Cape: Bring your neurolizer (10/22/13)

Feral hogs: bad for minecraft? (10/03/13)

Day on the River hosts 3,008 (09/29/13)

MDC seeks vandals who defaced Castor River Shut-Ins (09/27/13)

Handcrafted Monarchs swarm Nature Center (09/20/13)

Don't let chiggers send you indoors (09/11/13)

Big bark, no bite (08/28/13)

Bats: Valuable and Fragile (08/19/13)

Celebrate hummingbirds this Saturday (08/13/13)

Discovering nature in wedding plans (08/05/13)

Connect to Nature Center with a text (07/23/13)

Capaha's battle of the bands (07/18/13)

Nature Center exceeds blood drive goal (07/12/13)

Two more hours to donate (07/11/13)

Donate blood at the Cape Nature Center (07/08/13)

Endangered species on display at Cape's Nature Center (06/17/13)

Students watch wild wood ducks hatch (06/10/13)

Parents: Discover Nature with your kids at 'Families in Nature' event (05/28/13)

The right tree in the right place (04/29/13) 1

Discovering nature in turkey hunting (04/25/13)

Update on invasive feral hogs (04/08/13) 2

Mother, son duo discover nature through trapping (03/14/13)

Show no love to feral hogs, hog hunters (02/14/13)

Nature presents: A Duck Creek Drama (02/04/13)

Meet Phoenix at 2013 Eagle Days (02/01/13)

Know feral hogs, hog damage (01/28/13) 3

Eagle Days: A place to make memories (01/18/13) 2

Discovering Nature in Deer Season (11/26/12)

A harvest of sweet memories this youth deer season (11/05/12) 1

MDC, Wildlife Society celebrate Redhawks Homecoming (10/19/12)

An elevated view of wildfire (10/04/12)

MDC brings historic "Showboat" to SEMO District Fair (09/11/12)

Three minutes as a black bear (08/06/12) 1

Challenge: Play in a creek (07/24/12)

Nature Center offers cool alternatives in the summer heat (07/19/12) 1

Mussels flex despite the heat wave (07/10/12)

Win the Outdoor Challenge (06/25/12)

Sign up now for Bowhunter Education (06/12/12)

Conservation agent finds 'sense of place' with Black bear (06/05/12)

With Conservation Agents, expect the unexpected (05/21/12)

Fish cleaning, cooking demos at Cape Riverfront Market (05/14/12)

For a short time only (04/11/12)

Hunting and Conservation share rich tradition in Missouri (03/30/12) 1

Peregrine falcon featured on live web camera (03/15/12) 1

National Safety Council: Hunting is safer than football, golf (02/29/12) 2

Are you smarter than a 5 year old? (02/28/12) 1

Maple syrup sticks families, nature together (02/07/12) 2

Identifying Mountain lion tracks (01/30/12) 1

The day I met a Mountain lion (01/09/12) 2

Perfect time to bird (01/05/12)

Blue jay battles mockingbird (12/16/11) 4

Decking the halls with Nature's Décor (12/05/11) 1

Telecheck: Multi-tool for both hunters and agents (11/21/11)

May the Forest Be With You (10/21/11) 1

Up the River without a Paddle...fish (10/07/11) 3

Three year olds with fishing poles (08/23/11)

Hummingbird Celebration is tomorrow (08/19/11)

Cure couch-potato virus with Bowhunting 101 (08/15/11)

Finding a place to splash around (08/01/11) 2

The reality of being "Bear Aware" (07/27/11) 2

Take the itch out of summer (07/20/11) 1

A look at goose banding (07/13/11)

Bracelets ruffle feathers (07/07/11) 2

Go cubs! (06/24/11) 2

Boaters: Avoid these stowaways! (06/21/11)

Fun summer events for teachers (06/13/11)

Free summer events for kids (06/06/11) 1

Everybody's Elk (06/01/11) 3

My experience with Missouri's elk restoration (05/23/11) 2

Room in the boat (04/27/11) 1

Secrets of Morel hunting (04/14/11) 1

Bugling elk (04/07/11) 1

The facts about vehicle collisions with elk (03/17/11)

You know you Otter bash trash (03/04/11)

More than a harvest (02/17/11)

Witnessing conservation history (02/14/11) 3

Conservation at Christmas time (12/22/10)

Thankful for Wild Turkeys (11/23/10)

Why white-tails roam (11/18/10)

Watch for Snow Geese (11/02/10) 3

Showdown at the Nature Center (10/18/10) 2

Our favorite part of Autumn (10/06/10)

Persimmon Patience (09/28/10)

Reconnect to the land (09/23/10) 1

Waterfowl hunting update for Duck Creek Conservation Area (09/15/10)

Explore the Mississippi with Wetland Biologists (09/08/10)

Two snakes and a good day (08/06/10) 3

The hummingbird bug (07/23/10) 4

Tonight: National Geographic television special features Southeast Missouri alligator gar expert (07/19/10) 1

"Show-Me Herps" new at the Nature Center (07/09/10)

Women: First boating safety course offered (06/26/10)

The world's most beneficial insect (06/17/10)

Planning to discover nature: Part 2 (06/09/10)

An empty line (06/03/10) 1

Now's the time (05/26/10) 2

Vulture or Butterfly? (05/12/10) 3

More to catfish than a tasty fillet (05/05/10) 1

Luna Moth: No mouth, one week to live (04/06/10) 1

Goodbye Dove, Hello Merlin (03/30/10)

Why to be Froggy on Friday (03/24/10)

Planning to discover nature (03/17/10) 1

Amazing White Pelicans (03/10/10) 1

Xploring bleach bottle bird feeders (02/02/10)

Mystery tracks (01/19/10) 1

Birds of Prey come to Cape (01/06/10) 1

Recycle your Christmas tree for fish habitat (12/28/09) 1

Take a break, and don't forget to enjoy the holidays (12/23/09) 1

Oh, Christmas Tree (12/10/09)

Making winter memories (12/01/09) 1

Thistle burrs, DVDs and Submarines (11/12/09)

'Lizard of Oz' comes to Cape (10/21/09)

Dealing with nuisance squirrels (10/08/09) 1

Can you feel the Fall? (09/28/09)

National symbol to visit SEMO District Fair (09/04/09)

Summer: Canoeing, jellyfish and magic crickets (08/05/09) 1

Skunk Rescue 101 (07/20/09) 1

Alligator Gar: Candidate for extreme makeover? (07/09/09) 4

The lion at home (07/08/09) 3

Alligator Gar at home in Mingo (07/06/09) 4

Not-so-instant, but gratifying nonetheless (06/02/09) 2

Staycationing promotes Family Traditioning (05/20/09)

Nature: 'Feeling the love' in Cape Girardeau (04/21/09)

Minding manners matters (04/16/09)

The state of caving (03/26/09)

Season the turkeys (03/12/09)

Beyond the feeders (02/23/09)

Light as a feather (02/09/09)

Tree triage tips from the Missouri Department of Conservation (02/03/09) 3

Free (fun) exercise program (01/13/09) 2

Last minute gifts can still be thoughtful (12/18/08)

The 'awe-factor' and nature (12/10/08) 1

Nature, Family and Thanksgiving (11/20/08)

Pine knots illuminate the past (11/14/08)

Fired up for conservation (11/05/08)

Hunting with Dad (10/16/08)

I can slough, can you? (10/07/08) 2

A day in the swamp (09/19/08) 5

The snake in my office (09/09/08) 5

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Candice Davis is the Media Specialist for the Missouri Department of Conservation's Southeast and Ozark regions. Though raised to appreciate the Missouri outdoors, Candice is discovering nature on a new and exciting level as she gets up close and personal with snakes, insects, and Southeast Missouri's diverse landscape. Her goal is to share her learning experiences and show Southeast Missourians how they're directly connected to their land.