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Mother -- Daughter Road Trip to the Big City

Posted Monday, March 26, 2012, at 9:38 PM

Surviving a Mother -- Daughter Road Trip to the Big City of Chicago, and NO Boys allowed! I have just returned from my first every Mother-Daughter road trip, and yes, I have SURVIVED, and better yet, we had a BLAST!

When I first started talking about planning our trip to Chicago, everyone suggested take the train, or repeatedly asked are you sure you want to drive. I began to think they thought I am a bad driver, and maybe I am! However, I left the advice and suggestions behind me, and hit the road to Chicago with my best gal pal sidekick Celesse, but not without preparing and taking caution on our trip.

Preparing for a Road Trip...

Preparing for a road trip is more than just gassing up the car, kicking the tires, and grabbing the credit cards before you hit the road. I would not call myself a "travel expert", but there are few things I have learned over the past few years to make road tripping a bit easier.

Give the vehicle a good check over- Girls there is no way I am climbing under my car and checking out all, first of all I wouldn't even know what I was "checking" out! Fortunately, for me that dear husband of mine is handy at looking over the vehicle for me, but I also have a trusted mechanic that I frequently drop my car off at prior to leaving out on a road trip.

Having the right luggage and bags- I hear the men "sighing" oh geez, she is going to tell our women to go do more shopping! Well yes, if it includes putting safety first! There are few things that I have found MUST for traveling.

  • Cross Body Purse-, these purses are the safest, and you pull them to the front of your body, so you personal possessions are always right in your hands grasp. I also suggest if you are wearing, a jacket put them on under your jacket.

  • Easy to maneuver luggage- Big bags need wheels, easy handles, and good zippers. I also lock my luggage, and I lock it while I am at the hotel, ideally, hotel staff is trustworthy, but you can never be too cautious.

  • One BIG bag to put odds & ends in. You know how to keep your hands freer when getting to and from your vehicle to the hotel, grab one really big bag and throw all those little thing in it....you're going to have to carry it all anyways.

GPS- Not the I Phone GPS that you are constantly losing signal, trying to look at, and mess up every time you answer a call. Invest in a good GPS system, preset your trip, and it will make life easier. I also often use my GPS system to find the most awesome places to eat, not McDonalds, Burger King, or Taco Bell...you know those fun Ma & Pop restaurants that have the killer pie and to die for burgers!

A MAP, I know we have GPS, I phones, and whatever else tech savvy object we can pack, but a good old fashion map can still can in handy. I personally travel much too often, and to many places to have a map for every place. I print my directions off MapQuest/Rand McNally prior to leaving; tuck them in my glove box, for that just in case moment!

Last but not least, don't forget to pack your laugh and giggles, road trips are meant to be fun! Kick back and relax, don't rush this precious time you have taken out to spend with your road trip pal.

Caution on the Trip...

Traveling and especially traveling when with kids, or with you best gal pal you can find yourself distracted, lost in the moment of excitement. Distraction is DANGEROUS rather it is behind the wheel of your car, or while walking down a busy street.

Keep the radio turned at a decent level, yes I like to sing along with the radio (probably a little too much), but you need to be able to hear what is going on around you.

Stay alert with what is going on around you, if you are walking down the street, or driving. Stay alert, put the phone down, look around, and know who or what is around you.

Carry the least amount of cash that you are going to need, carry small bills...I have seen countless people pull out a $100 bill to pay for $12 meal at the fast food joint. Do you know that strange man or woman standing behind you? No, but they now know how much money you have in your wallet!

Know where you are going, even if you are walking. This past weekend I watched countless young women ask the man standing at the stop sign for directions to her hotel...OH GEEZ, did you just tell that stranger where you are STAYING? Aghhhhh that is so not a good idea!

Stay in lighted areas! I made this mistake this weekend by total accident. Celesse and I wanted to get some amazing photos along the River Front walkway in Downtown Chicago, but I did not realize how dark it got along the walkway until we were half way through it. That was one fast-paced walk, and we ditched the idea of amazing photos...Safety First!

Social Networking on the road...you know those handy little Apps that encourage you to check into various locations! This is a great asset for businesses, it tells your friends, family, and just about anyone that you like that place and you are there....key note tells ANYONE! Now, I know my friends are saying, but Becky we saw you clicking in all over Chicago this weekend, yep, sure was, but here is something I do and I highly suggest for everyone else to do. Allow your app, phone, facebook whatever to find your location, have it set up to tell check you in, and then as your leaving or when your down the road a bit...check yourself in! Example: I was staying at the River North Hotel this past weekend, but I was not going to tell anyone where my hotel was, so this morning 20 minutes after I departed from my hotel, I raved my review of the River North Hotel, and checked myself in there. Safety before looking good!

I am going add here, only because I have held my tongue on this for nearly a year, for all you folks that check yourself into your house, bed, bathtub...I have seen it all...that happens to give a map to your EXACT location.....Eeeek! Not safe! Especially if you are checking yourself into bed for an 8 hour sleep!

This list is only a few tips, of how to prepare and how to be cautious while traveling. My best advice is follow you gut instinct, if something don't feel right don't do it, you may feel silly, but silly is okay! Celesse and I had a marvelous Mother-Daughter Road Trip and Girls Weekend in the Big Windy City, it was her first visit to Chicago, and she was sad to leave this morning!

Have an Adventurous Day!


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