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Paranormal potpourri

Posted Tuesday, June 7, 2011, at 8:35 PM

Investigation, but not really

Several members of my group went out to do a mini investigation last night. Mini investigations happen on the spur of the moment when one of us gets an itch to investigate, but we don't have anything planned. Frankly, none of us has had the time or opportunity lately, so it had been quite a while.

Because we don't trespass to investigate, our destinations at 10 p.m. on a Monday are fairly limited. Not knowing how it would work exactly, I suggested a section of road I'm familiar with where phantom headlights have been seen (by reputable sources) chasing cars. The story goes that you drive over a small bridge, and somewhere between the bridge and another certain road, the headlights -- unattached to any vehicle -- appear and come up quickly behind your car.

None of us had ever investigated a road before, so we were up for the challenge. So we drove out there and made several passes, one of us sitting in the back seat with a video camera aimed out the rear windshield. (Real technical, I know.) Unfortunately, there was more traffic than I'm used to on that road, and we saw lots of headlights that WERE attached to vehicles. There wasn't much room to pull over, and there were too many variables to do EVP or K2 work with any kind of reliability. So we left empty-handed, except for a partially used Hi-8 tape. But at least it was a fun drive.

Lessons: Scope out a road during the daytime to find places to pull over and take note of where power lines are. Take an eyewitness if possible.

"New Toy Syndrome"

My group recently purchased its first set of infrared cameras! One of my group members, on last night's aforementioned outing, said he wished we had somewhere to go to try them out, calling it "New Toy Syndrome." Unfortunately, while I understand the principle of IR cameras, I haven't had time to read the manual yet and get familiarized with the actual setup. I do know that we're going to need invest in another case. I wonder how long before my car won't hold everything...

Missed opportunity

A friend of mine told me a few months ago that his friend was having activity at his Cape Girardeau apartment building: being awoken at the same time every night, hearing voices, discovering odd architectural things about the building. Our schedules never were in sync, though. I contacted him again today asking about the apartement. Apparently a "spiritualist" moved into the building and said some type of prayer. The result: No activity in two months.

While I am genuinely glad he got the issues resolved, I do wonder what potential evidence we missed out on.

Well, the ITEMS are supposedly haunted, not the collector himself

This is just for fun, but did anyone watch Syfy's new show "Haunted Collector"? I think I'm going to give it a second shot (because pilots generally don't have all the show's kinks worked out), but I'm going to require some convincing. In my opinion, there needs to be a lot more evidence, a lot more follow-up and a lot less of the jumping to conclusions.

Is this guy truly interested in helping people or is he just interested in acquiring "haunted" items for his museum?

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Cool stuff! Keep it up! I'll read more.

-- Posted by timexx on Tue, Jun 7, 2011, at 9:28 PM

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Katherine is a former copy editor at the Southeast Missourian who has had a lifelong interest in the paranormal and enjoys going with her small group to investigate allegedly haunted places. She lives in Cape Girardeau with her husband (who investigates with her) and two dogs (who don't).
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