Canine Advocate by Melanie Coy en-us Blind Stupidity During the Thanksgiving celebration, I was alerted to the fact several people I have held in high regard have aligned themselves with a group of animal rights freaks presenting themselves as champions for animal welfare. I do not know if it is my hatred of what animal rights represents or the disappointment in finding out those I considered to be of reasonable intelligence are stupid enough to fall for the lie. I do know the 2017 legislative session in Missouri will become a blood bath if... Fri, 25 Nov 2016 08:04:13 -0600 Let the Miracles Begin There is no denying shelters all feel a financial crunch during the best of times. For one shelter in our extreme boot heel area, a financial crunch has become a financial crippling of their efforts; or at least could have been crippling. The Caruthersville Humane Society has long faced a battle because they are in one of the highest poverty counties in the State of Missouri. Many would have counted their losses and closed their doors. You do not know the supporters of this shelter if... Sat, 19 Nov 2016 10:22:53 -0600 Why It Matters Staying in the theme of last week’s entry, I thought it would be beneficial to finish my thought on why mandatory spay/neuter is nothing more than another form of genocide. I stand in a different position than most of those involved in saving this breed in the fact that my background was influenced by the show ring. I am a true fancier, not just someone who has a Pit now but may have something else later. While I have had many single representatives of other breeds since acquiring... Sun, 13 Nov 2016 17:20:03 -0600 Liars, Haters & Animal Rights There are times when it is very difficult to tell the difference in those who are mentioned in the title in this week’s entry. You see they all have the same thing in common. They are all dedicated to seeing the genocide of the American Pit Bull Terrier. I had planned a very different entry this week and was planning to kick off a new series. After my conversation with an animal rights group during the 2016 Pet Expo, there is only one thing on my mind right now. With the... Sun, 06 Nov 2016 18:32:56 -0600 A New Day Dawns Today marks the final Sunday in the 2016 celebration of National Pit Bull Awareness month. For those of us in southeast Missouri this has been a time of renewing our dedication to a breed who has suffered at the hands of abusers, haters and liars. Last evening this remarkable month was marked by the coming together of activists from many different fields. Mac’s Mission hosted at bonfire at their planned new facility location. The entire event was made even better by the spirit you... Sun, 30 Oct 2016 10:16:21 -0500 Letís Review My only descriptive word for Saturday night is WOW. We did not have a huge attendance this is true but we had without a doubt a quality attendance. What I am talking about was the first celebration of the National Pit Bull Awareness Day on October 22. Safe Harbor along with Mutts N Stuff presented a showing of the film, The Champions. Cup ‘n Cork hosted the event and along with our guest speaker, Karol Wilcox of the Caruthersville Humane Society and a reading by Sharon Debout Carr... Mon, 24 Oct 2016 17:46:15 -0500 When Arrogance Rules I have been involved in planning an event in honor and recognition of the National Pit Bull Awareness Day designated as October 22, 2016. During this preparation it has come to my attention the event has merit but due to the fact that it is being presented by Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary in conjunction with Mutts n Stuff, the egos who want nothing more than the demise of Safe Harbor continue to manipulate those in a position to help promote this event. No one denies Safe Harbor has a... Sun, 16 Oct 2016 08:01:53 -0500 Coalitions In recent years I have seen a number of groups come together to work for the greater good. Coalitions have formed in areas historically divided, with all sides putting aside any differences in overall policies in favor of working together to achieve the foundation mission. We are seeing a form of coalition coming together in our shelter/rescue/advocacy network. Whether by conscious decision or by the intervention of fate, there is no denying old prejudices and personalities are being... Sun, 09 Oct 2016 10:24:05 -0500 Montreal After the furor over what happened in Canada this past week, this entry may come as no surprise to many. On September 27, the governing council of Montreal voted 37-23 to ban any new ownership of Pit Bulls, to place restrictions on the owners of Pit Bulls now within the city limits and all Pit Bulls held in their sheltering system are to be destroyed. This ruling will go into effect on Monday, October 3. For weeks the Pit Bull advocates from both the animal welfare and animal rights... Sun, 02 Oct 2016 07:25:43 -0500 Itís Official It is official, the Pit Bull fanciers of Cape Girardeau will come together in celebration of National Pit Bull Awareness Day on October 22, 2016. Thanks in no small part to Mutts N Stuff of St. Louis, Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary will present a viewing of The Champions, one of the most powerful, nationally acclaimed documentaries produced in honor of the survivors of the Michael Vick horrors. From the website of The Champions: Directed and Produced by Founder of FIREFLYFILMWORKS... Sun, 25 Sep 2016 08:13:55 -0500 Kill Shelter The title to this entry is a phrase that absolutely infuriates me. When I hear this used in regards to an open admission shelter, it tells me immediately the person using the phrase has zero experience working in a shelter whose doors are open to ALL animals. It also tells me this person is a narrow minded, judgmental individual unwilling to educate themselves or do anything to relieve the burden for care in the open admission shelters. I would encourage such individuals to work one... Sun, 18 Sep 2016 07:39:41 -0500 Fate We hear debate over the topic of fate and whether or not it is reality or simply the way events fall. This past week I became a true believer in fate when the two dogs retreived from the ugliness of last week's entry created a chain of events resulting in their being returned to their rightful owners. Within minutes of receiving a photo of Rita wagging her tail after a stellar check up at the vet's office, fate intervened, one detail after another began to fall in place and thanks to... Sun, 04 Sep 2016 07:35:29 -0500 Just Ignore It UPDATE: I just became aware of the names of the principals in control this property and responsible for this abuse. The woman involved has been an offender for years and the "powers that be" are very much aware of her. She falls under the protection of a family member who also happens to be a ranking police officer with Cape Girardeau city. We need to see justice done but it won't be done in Cape Girardeau county. This will have to go to the Attorney General then pray that someone... Sat, 27 Aug 2016 10:37:18 -0500 Obedience vs Tee Ball Out of the roller coaster of this past week it was brought to my attention the movement toward everyone plays, we do not keep score and there are awards for all regardless of ability has infiltrated the competition obedience rings. First, I am not a parent. I am the person in Walmart who must endure out of control, disrespectful kids whose parents have adopted the idea, kids will find their way if they are allowed total free rein to navigate through life. I am the same person who takes great... Sun, 14 Aug 2016 08:28:15 -0500 Marking Anniversaries July 8, 2016 marked the seventh anniversary of the largest dog fighting bust in United States history. More than four hundred dogs were seized from multiple states, brought to Missouri and became known as the MO 500 by the time all the pregnant females had given birth. For those who rescued, rehabilitated and eased these dogs into the safety and love of responsible homes, this anniversary will always bring to mind the “what if’s”. The reality of the life the American Pit... Sat, 09 Jul 2016 08:52:44 -0500 Libby Not quite three weeks ago I received a call regarding a Pit Bull which had appeared at a man’s home and had him too scared to enter. Many things run through my head when I get calls like these and it is rarely anything positive. My first impulsive suggestion was call animal control. Pit Bulls running at large are a major source of annoyance for me because the sins of others are shouldered by the responsible owners of this breed. I also know the dogs are taken to the shelter in Cape... Sat, 25 Jun 2016 15:20:18 -0500 Things Which Make You Scratch Your Head This has been one of those weeks where the roller coaster seems to just stay on the downhill slope. After last week’s entry I found out circumstances aligned to prove to me my impressions were correct. On Wednesday I had yet another stray Pit show up outside the fence around my backyard. I say yet another because in the “running at large” world of dogs I have the cool house. They seem to be drawn to my yard. Fortunately, my neighbors finally realize they are not all mine... Sun, 22 May 2016 10:25:29 -0500 A Rose by Any Other Name There is a new movement within the shelter world pushing to remove breed labels from dogs seeking homes. The school of thought is that by not labeling certain dogs adoptions could be increased. The breed in question is of course the American Pit Bull Terrier. First consider all those who would not know a Pit Bull if it was sitting in their laps. One person mentioned the head of the board of her shelter hated Pit Bulls so the staff had long been calling them Lab mixes, Boxer mixes etc etc. I... Sat, 14 May 2016 17:52:49 -0500 Betrayal & Shame On Wednesday, April 27 2016, the Senate of Missouri, ignored the will of the people and allowed HB1811 to be killed by those who promote the genocide of the American Pit Bull Terrier. My first question after the shock wore off was, when did the Agricultural Committees in Jefferson City begin supporting the animal rights groups? In a nutshell Senator Brian Munzlinger, Republican of the 18th District, cited the following statute as his reasoning for killing this legislation: Ownership of... Sat, 30 Apr 2016 09:07:36 -0500 Empathy This has been a week of high emotion. In the Missouri Senate we have seen legislation designed to eliminate the crutch of weakness represented by holding dog breeds responsible for the crimes of humans, go into what might well be the last step before heading to our governor. This has also been the week marking the anniversary of what has become the most notorious dog fighting bust in our nation. In April of 2007 Michael Vick was exposed not as a sports hero but as a murderous criminal whose... Tue, 26 Apr 2016 20:02:19 -0500